It Takes a Village to Send Explorers to the Farthest Corners of the Globe.

Zegrahm’s behind-the-scenes office team is a hard-working, close-knit group. Six departments – Air, Client Services, Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Program Managers, and Expedition Advisors – all work together as a team and directly with you, to plan your trips of a lifetime.

Our affectionately-dubbed “Air-Heads” work tirelessly to make flight arrangements to and from the world’s most remote and unique locales. Zegrahm’s Client Services team answers each and every call from our travelers, packs supplies for upcoming expeditions, and keeps our office running smoothly.

Our dedicated Program Managers meticulously plot every facet of an expedition and help design future voyages in response to traveler requests, while our friendly Expedition Advisors liaise directly with our adventurers to ensure the itineraries and accommodations are best suited to your tastes.

In all, our combined team of just over 30 goes above and beyond to make you feel like a V.I.P. every time you travel. (And, by the way, Zegrahm staffers love what they do—more than half have worked for Zegrahm for over a decade.)

Expedition Advisors

Patrick Kirby

Patrick has worked in travel for over 20 years, spending 13 of those years at Zegrahm. During that time, he has had many wonderful experiences, including snorkeling with the seals in the...

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Nick Phillips

Nick is new to Zegrahm, starting in late 2013, but he feels right at home; his love of expedition travel began on a family vacation to the Arctic, visiting Norway...

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Dan Selzer

Dan began working for Zegrahm in November of 2012, learning many areas of our business from Sales and Accounting to Client Services. Quickly gaining his footing, he became an Expedition Advisor in...

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