Rick Price

Marine Biologist

Rick Price began his career as a marine biologist in 1978, working for the British Antarctic Survey. He spent five winters at the BAS base on Signy Island in the South Orkney Islands, two of them as Base Commander. In 1988, he was awarded the Polar Medal by Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Life as a marine biologist sparked an interest in underwater photography that evolved into a career as a freelance wildlife cameraman. Since the early 1990s, Rick has filmed for the BBC Natural History Unit and The Discovery Channel - both on land and underwater - and he has worked on David Attenborough's documentary series, Life of Birds and Life in the Freezer. His career as a cameraman has opened up many exciting and beautiful areas of the world seldom visited by humans, and Rick finds it both a privilege and an honor to capture the essence of these remote places on film for others to enjoy.

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