Six Visionaries. One Shared Passion. Two Decades of Inspiring Adventures.

Zegrahm Expeditions was founded more than 20 years ago by Mike Messick, Jack Grove, Peter Harrison, Shirley Metz, and Werner and Susan Zehnder. Each of these explorers has visited more than 100 countries; collectively, they’ve been to Antarctica more than 250 times. Their adventures run the gamut from journeying over 800 miles on skis to the South Pole to conducting marine research with Jean-Michel Cousteau. In 1990, the six seasoned travelers (and friends) set out to create a company where they could combine their wealth of travel knowledge with their passion for showing others the world’s most fascinating places, by land and sea.

Since all six founders were experienced in adventure travel, that was – and remains – the company’s sole focus. You won’t find crowded venues like Barcelona and Cabo San Lucas on Zegrahm itineraries. You will find unfrequented Northwest and Northeast Passages, the great continent of Antarctica, Himalayan treks, Botswana safaris, and in-depth sojourns in the islands of the South Pacific and Indian Ocean. Indeed, many of Zegrahm’s expedition cruises and land-based adventures are in areas so remote, they are rarely, if ever, visited. And therein lies the appeal of Zegrahm Expeditions: You travel as an inquisitive, fully-engaged explorer, rather than a casual-observer tourist.

To pull off such an ambitious and successful endeavor, Zegrahm’s founders established the protocols the company still adheres to today. Each year, field directors and office directors come together to plan the next year’s expeditions. And throughout the year, office and field staff remain in close communication, constantly tweaking Zegrahm programs to reflect traveler preferences and hidden gems discovered during trip planning.

Four cofounders—Jack Grove, Shirley Metz, Peter Harrison, and Mike Messick—still actively lead expeditions for Zegrahm, along with our two field directors, Kevin Clement and Jonathan Rossouw. Their impressive biographies can be accessed below: