Conrad Field Wins NOAA Award

Bill Tuttle, April 2003

As Zegrahm passengers who have traveled with him can attest, Conrad Field has a great passion for the natural world, which he imparts on nature walks, during lectures, and through his artwork. When not accompanying expeditions, Conrad lives in Homer, Alaska, where he works as a program consultant and environmental educator for the Kachemak Bay Learning Center.

To further educate people about coastal and marine environments, and the necessity of preserving them, he also volunteers for community and school organizations -- making presentations, directing classes and training, leading field trips, and providing artwork and scrimshaw for fundraising efforts. In honor of Conrad's work, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently named him Volunteer of the Year when it announced its 2003 Excellence Awards for Coastal and Ocean Resource Management. On 19 March, Conrad accepted the award at a ceremony on Capitol Hill.

In nominating Conrad, Glenn Seaman, reserve manager of Kachemak Bay Research Reserve, cited his 14 years of service, his commitment and dedication, and his exhaustive knowledge of marine resources, calling him, " unusually inspiring and gifted educator who instills a strong sense of overall responsibility for resource stewardship to all individuals who have the pleasure of participating in his teachings." Several teachers and environmental leaders echoed Seaman in singing Conrad's praises.

We hope you will join all of us at Zegrahm Expeditions in congratulating Conrad for this prestigious award. Those of you aboard with Conrad on our upcoming Fire & Ice, New Zealand, and Stepping Stones of the Atlantic expeditions will be able to extend your personal congratulations.