Jack Grove's Underwater Photography

April 22, 2013

Zegrahm cofounder, Jack Grove, recently returned from Indonesia and shared several of the stunning photos that he captured underwater with his Canon G12. Take a look!

Blueface angelfish

Bubble coral and tunicate

Crinoid, also know as sea lily

Pair of fire dartfish

Royal dottyback

Sea snake

Sea snake

Blue sea star

Klien's butterflyfish

Pair of blue-girlded angelfish

Pair of clown anemonefish


Giving Back

April 22, 2013

In addition to our recent donation to help build a larger enclosure for Nonong at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center on our February 2013 Brunei to Bali expedition, we have also given to other communities on our travels through the South Pacific and Central America. 
On our recent Faces of Melanesia expedition, in each of the villages we visited, we presented the locals with a box of school supplies. After spending some time with the villagers, we would often learn of other needs the community had, whether it was fuel for the town’s only boat or rations of food, and donated whatever we could spare. Additionally, at the end of our voyage, our travelers gave any extra local currency to our assistant expedition leader so he could purchase necessities and distribute to some of the local villages.
On our Rain Forests and Reefs expedition, we stopped in Colombia’s Isla de Providencia where we made a special visit to the Centro Educativo Maria Inmaculada, a local convent school and orphanage. Walking past the classrooms the atmosphere was anything but somber and the exuberant students were eager to meet us. We had an opportunity to present school supplies to the School Director followed by a casual Q&A session with our travelers and the schoolchildren. We then discovered the hidden talents of some of the children and were surprised with a traditional dance performance. The dance of Providencia is the result of an eclectic mixture of influences, including European, polka, mazurka, and waltz, combined with strong Afro-Caribbean influence, and made for the perfect finale to our visit.
While Zegrahm prides itself on always trying to give back to the communities we visit, this charitable spirit extends far beyond what our company values and is an important personal goal of many of our staff. Here are a few of the organizations that our staff members support (and it should be noted that many staff members work with SEVERAL organizations, but we just picked one to feature in this article):
“Wilderness Safaris (www.wilderness-safaris.com) sponsors and supports a number of wonderful projects in southern Africa with the belief that responsible, nature-based tourism is the most effective and practical vehicle to ensure the sustainability of African conservation. To celebrate their 30th birthday, Wilderness Safaris was raising funds to bring 30 rhinos to the safe haven of Botswana. While I have donated to them before, this donation was all the more special because whoever donated was entered into a raffle to name the next baby rhino born in Botswana . . . and I won! I feel honored to share my namesake with such a beautiful creature and cause.”

- Carmin Arnot, Director of Sales

“For the past four years, I have contributed to an organization called Women for Women International (www.womenforwomen.org) which supports women in war-torn regions with financial and emotional aid, job-skills training, rights education, and small business assistance so they can rebuild their lives. I have chosen to support women in Rwanda; each year I am matched with a new "sister" and as her sponsor I provide funds to pay for necessities like food, medicine, and sending children to school, as well as an enrollment in a 12-month program to help her improve her life. We also exchange letters throughout the year, so I can offer emotional support and we can learn about each other's lives.” 

- Karen Sinclair, Director of Marketing

“I support www.kiva.org which is an organization that makes micro loans to people in third world countries. It enables them to start businesses or grow existing ones. You can ask for your money back, but most people I know who have been involved leave it so it can be loaned out again and again."

- Jon Nicholson, Director of Private Travel and Product Development

I've spent three years with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training (www.teamintraining.org). I've raised $5,600 of which 75% of the funds go directly to finding a cure for cancer. In exchange I spend six months training for cycling "century rides." These have included the Seattle to Portland ride (STP) and the Chuckanut Century in Bellingham.”

- Lindsay White, Expedition Advisor

“I volunteer every Saturday (January – April 15) helping low-income Spanish- and English-speaking individuals and families complete their U.S. tax returns through United Way of King County (www.uwkc.org).” 

- Taylor Harvey, Private Travel

“I volunteer one Saturday a month during the school year with a local arts non-profit called LINK (www.thelinkprogram.org). Their goal is to connect school-aged, art-minded kids with local working artists and designers through workshops held at Cornish College. In addition to the workshops, LINK holds a portfolio show at the end of the school year and rewards a scholarship to a student. LINK also holds a workshop to help seniors prep for college applications and college entry portfolios. It's a great organization.” 

- Andrew Ahl, Private Travel

“I am a big supporter of Panthera (www.panthera.org) which has brought together the world’s leading wild cat experts to direct and implement effective conservation strategies for the world’s largest and most endangered cats: tigers, lions, jaguars, snow leopards, cougars, leopards, and cheetahs. I have donated several times before to this organization, but this past Christmas I started donating in family member's names and sending them an e-card as a present. They were all really thrilled to receive such a meaningful gift.”

- Ted Kenefick, Program Manager

“As a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, I volunteer with SOS Outreach (www.sosoutreach.org) which is a youth mentorship and development program that is focused on building character through outdoor adventure. Each season, I instruct snowboarding through their Washington Chapter at Snoqualmie Pass.”

- Curtis Fox, Expedition Advisor

“Each year I donate to Northwest Harvest (www.northwestharvest.org). They are a wonderful local organization that aims to make sure nutritious food is available to everyone in Washington State. They are the only non-profit food bank distributor operating statewide with a network of more than 350 food banks, meal programs, and high-need schools.” 

- Alicia Freyman, Vice President of Operations

On Location: Pentecost Island

April 15, 2013

Written by Rich Pagen

A lively band with a single-string bass was playing as we walked up the soft black sand beach from the landing on Pentecost Island in Vanuatu. As we continued on a footpath up the hill, a ramshackle tower of sticks and vines came into view, looking like some strange South Pacific modern art sculpture. We found ourselves a place to sit in the shade a short distance from the base of the mysterious tower, and the show began.

Within minutes, scantily-clad men began climbing around the scaffold-like structure, all busily tying and untying, adding sticks and cutting out sticks from the structure. Over the course of the afternoon, men would climb to higher and higher platforms on the tower, have vines carefully tied around their ankles, and then leap fearlessly forward into the air, trusting that the vines would protect them from gravity pulling them at a fatal speed into the ground.
Pentecost Island is the birthplace of the tradition of nanggol, a land diving ceremony to celebrate the arrival of the first yam harvest, and a ritual that has inspired the modern sport of bungee jumping. For each land diver, careful adjustments had to be made both to each vine and to each individual platform, which needs to break at the right moment to soften the fall.
Eventually, only one platform remained, the highest of all. We watched with mouths agape as this final jumper took his leap of faith. The image of spiraling bodies silhouetted against a blue sky will remain etched in our memories forever.





 Photos by Jarda Versloot.

Celebrating "I Do" in the South Pacific

April 15, 2013

Looking for a unique way to spend their honeymoon (no all-inclusive resort in Mexico for this couple!) that would combine their love for adventure and desire to unwind from their busy work lives, Ali and Linda contacted our Private Travel team to plan the ultimate South Pacific adventure to celebrate their marriage. The team went straight to work arranging flights, car rentals, private guides, and luxury accommodations in New Zealand and Bora Bora for a nearly three-week adventure the couple would never forget. Here’s a peek at their personalized itinerary:

  • Soaking up the stunning scenery, myriad outdoor activities, and local wine for three days in Queenstown, New Zealand; The Dairy Private Luxury Hotel is the perfect place to recover from jetlag and rejuvenate for the adventure ahead.
  • Full day privately-guided hike on Fox Glacier at the base of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.
  • Visiting New Zealand’s Marlborough region to taste the area’s legendary Sauvignon Blanc and fabulous seafood, plus opportunities for bird watching, sailing, and kayaking in the surrounding Marlborough Sounds.
  • Three-night stay at Rotorua’s Treetops Lodge & Estate, including a privately-guided exploration of a Maori tribal settlement and time to indulge in the area’s natural geothermal amenities.
  • Concluding with four nights in an over-water bungalow in Bora Bora, recently named by U.S. News as “the best island in the world.”

To learn more, contact our Private Travel team at privatetravel@zegrahm.com.

Inspiration in the Galapagos

April 3, 2013 | Tags: Galapagos Islands, Jack Grove, Las Ilas Encantadas, Ultimate Galapagos

In 2012 Zegrahm cofounder, Jack Grove, led our annual journey to Las Islas Encantadas, Ultimate Galápagos. The trip was spectacular in every way, but Jack made a special connection with one of our passengers—10-year-old Ben Perez.

Ben had an incredible time learning about various marine life and all that the Galápagos Islands have to offer. A few months ago, he even wrote a play that takes place in the archipelago, for the Young Playwrights’ Theater. Out of over 850 entries, Ben’s play is one of 12 that will be acted out in Washington, D.C. on April 22. His play centers around a hero named ‘Jack’ who must save the giant Galápagos tortoises from extinction after a disastrous oil spill.
Jack’s opinion? “Getting to know Ben and having the opportunity to share such an amazing place with this young boy was almost as heart-warming as my return to the islands.”
For more information on our inspiring journey to the Galápagos Islands, click here
Ben Perez