What activities are available during the voyage and do they cost extra? Is entertainment available on board the ship? What do we do at night and do I need to wear formal clothing? Will we get off the ship often?

Our expeditions are educational and active outdoor adventures, and the majority of our activities are scheduled off the ship. There will be opportunities for hikes and walks, birding tours, Zodiac excursions, and, depending on the location and time of year, cultural visits and snorkeling and diving. Activities for each program are detailed in the brochures and included in the cost of the voyage unless specifically noted.

We provide onboard lecture series on a regular basis. These presentations cover aspects of our voyage and the surrounding environment. In the evenings and on days at sea, we occasionally show movies or videos relevant to our destinations. Traditional ship entertainments (song and dance, lounge acts) are not featured on our programs. However, there are often cultural performances organized on our landings, where you can see native dances and/or musical performances.

The degree of dress is in accordance with one’s personal preference. There is no need for formal clothing for our activities; however, you may wish to bring dressier clothing for the captain’s welcome and farewell cocktail parties on board. On these occasions, women may choose to wear a suitable dress or other attire, and men a jacket and/or tie. You may also want to bring such clothing for any evenings on the town during the land portion of our programs.