What makes your trips different from those offered by other companies?

To answer succinctly: People and Places. Field leaders founded our company – people with vast knowledge of what adventurers expect in a high-quality expedition. Thus we hire only the best and brightest, because people make an important difference in your travel experience. Our program managers and air department put a particular emphasis on outstanding customer care long before you arrive in your destination. We thoroughly scout locations and use our firsthand knowledge to expertly plan itineraries that are filled with unique opportunities. During expeditions, world-class leaders and lecturers provide an insightful and comprehensive educational component to the journey. Meanwhile, the array of places Zegrahm takes you is unlike any other offered in the industry. We operate on all seven continents, far removed from standard routes. From Antarctica to the Arctic, and the hidden corners in between, we explore remote and exotic locales, at the best time to be in each destination.