Our small-group safaris showcase the incredible wildlife and magnificent landscapes of Africa's unique countries.

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For many explorers and adventurers, the glittering land of element-sculpted ice and abundant wildlife on the Great White Continent represents one of life's ultimate travel experiences.

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Asia & India

Asia and India offer travelers an untold number of natural and cultural experiences; our expeditions can take you to some of the least-visited and newest-emerging destinations in the world.

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Australia & South Pacific

Scattered across the largest ocean basin on earth, the islands of Oceania have wooed adventurers and explorers for centuries.

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Central & South America

With a wide variety of climates and biospheres, Central and South America are fascinating destinations for expedition travel.

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We invite you to take a fresh look at Europe and embark on one of our incredible voyages that will turn your view of the Continent from well-trodden to well-off-the-beaten-path.

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Far North & the Arctic

With soaring, white-capped peaks, abundant wildlife, and quaint villages that are home to some of the world's most hardy souls, the top of the world beckons those seeking true adventure.

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Our expeditions operate worldwide—on all seven continents—and year-round, each scheduled for the optimal time to visit. Because we charter our vessels, we are not limited to a single ocean region—we have the flexibility to develop expeditions to all the places travelers most want to go. 

And, we constantly strive to share new destinations with our travelers and only offer custom–designed itineraries far removed from standard routes. We explore distant islands, atolls, rivers, and fjords to find unusual wildlife; visit remote villages to learn of ancient ways; and snorkel and scuba dive in beautiful undersea kingdoms.

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