Bhutan: Journey Through a Himalayan Kingdom

May 8, 2016
18 Days
Overland Adventure
18 Guests
From $12,980
Bhutan: Journey through a Himalayan Kingdom

Expedition Highlights

  • Visit Tiger’s Nest in the Paro Valley; this is the most famous of the country’s monasteries and a must on any Himalayan tour.
  • Explore the deeply spiritual Bumthang region and nearby Tang Valley, an area of open countryside dotted with forests and tiny villages.
  • Spend two full days in Thimphu, the main residence of the king, including the National Library, Textile and Folk Heritage Museum, and Takin Nature Preserve.
  • Travel through the stunning Phobjikha Valley to visit the recently restored Gangtey Goemba temple complex.
  • Time at the beginning and end of your Bhutan tour to explore Bangkok and its many treasures.

I loved the trip to Bhutan, it's an amazing place! We did some fantastic hikes and saw spectacular sights; we also met an important adviser to the Bhutanese government, as well as the family of a young guide. All of the local guides took extra care of us and the last two hotels we stayed in were spectacular.

Diane V.

Expedition Team

Gear Up!

  • Ultimate Trekking Staff
Ultimate Trekking Staff

Trekking in Bhutan is the experience of a lifetime. Despite your awe, keep your feet securely on the ground with this strong, lightweight aluminum trekking staff. With an ergometric grip to keep your body in alignment, a comfortable thermofoam handle, and a strap with soft fleece padding, this staff won’t leave your side as you make your way from Tiger’s Nest in Paro Valley to Thimphu, the main residence of the king. 

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Beyond the Destination

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    To behold a flock of endangered black-necked cranes in flight can only be described as sublime. The birds’ aerial displays are so beautiful, and their preening dances so balletic, that the Bhutanese people have long believed them to be the souls of reincarnated Buddhist monks returned to earth in avian form.

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