October 19, 2015 - November 6, 2015

A must for nature-lovers, Madagascar adventure travel is ripe with botanicals, birds, and land animals, including the island’s icon—lemurs. The island’s isolation and size (it’s the world’s fourth-largest island) has made for striking biodiversity: 90 percent of all forest flora is endemic and more than half of the 250-plus bird species are found nowhere else. Our special Madagascar expedition takes you where few others have ventured before, and rewards your curiosity with exotic plants and animals, from pygmy stump-tailed chameleons to 1,000 varieties of orchid. As we journey from mountain highlands to the shores of the Indian Ocean, we’ll also meet the lovely Malagasy people, at whose warmth and friendliness you’ll marvel.

Madagascar Adventure Travel Highlights:

  • Search for 49 different species of lemurs; these photogenic primates are the iconic symbol of Madagascar’s unique wildlife.
  • Discover diverse flora and fauna, most of which are found only on Madagascar—90 percent of all forest flora and more than half of the 250-plus bird species are endemic.
  • Explore a variety of habitats during numerous nature walks, nocturnal spotlighting excursions, by boat, and in 4x4 vehicles.
  • Enjoy up-close encounters with a variety of wildlife, including colorful chameleons— a photographer’s paradise!
  • Meet the lovely Malagasy people who greet you with warm hospitality.

Expedition Activities

Birding, Hiking & Trekking, Photography, Wildlife & Nature


  • Ring-tailed lemurs

  • Chameleon

  • Eastern gray bamboo lemur

  • Golden mantella frog

  • Aye-aye

  • Giraffe-necked weevil

  • Black and white ruffed lemur

  • Madagascar magpie-robin

  • Ring-tailed mongoose

  • Madagascar scops owl

  • Crowned lemur

  • Radiated tortoise

  • Red-fronted brown lemur

  • Crested drongo

  • Tenrec