Tracing the West Coast of Africa

This expedition has no scheduled departures at this time.

Zegrahm’s staff is spectacular: Office – organized, efficient, helpful, punctual; Expedition Team – work tirelessly to give us the greatest experience possible. They are friendly, kind, caring, genuine, sincere, hardworking, experts, diligent, tenacious, knowledgeable, daring, fun, respectful, brilliantly organized, inspirational.

Libby C.

The most enthusiastic and knowledgeable adventures I know about.

Dexter P.

People (staff) and lectures – the mutual respect and teamwork are remarkable!

Artie B.

There is something for everyone in terms of activities and a skilled staff to make it interesting and relevant. Exceptional lectures and knowledgeable lecturers make it an interesting learning experience.

Ken & Terry J.

Outstanding expedition team, management, organization, benefits, expertise, attention, kindness.

Roberto & Elza B.

Zegrahm never fails to surprise us!

Greg O. & Jo E.