Ultimate Aldabra: A Voyage through the Seychelles

This expedition has no scheduled departures at this time.

Traveling with Zegrahm is traveling with a family of amazingly talented and knowledgeable people who always take care of you, make sure you see and do everything there is to see and do, and that you always have a good time doing it. It is a unique experience.

Helen T.

Zegrahm Expedition leaders go the extra mile (really several extra miles) to make sure that we get the best experience at the every point – on land, in the water, on icebergs.  They are simply the best.

Alison S.

Very nice staff – knowledgeable, efficient, hard working. Great food, attentive wait staff. Very caring and decent people. 

Rich & Cathy H.

Zegrahm is a top-level travel organization with a dedicated staff that does everything possible to make trips energetic, educational, fun, and memorable. Expensive – yes, but worth every dollar. We will go with Zegrahm again, we certainly hope so!

Dick & Marian T.

Zegrahm continues to provide the most extraordinary access to generally inaccessible dream locations with the help of extraordinarily trained and committed leaders. It’s all you could want in adventure travel.

Pam V.

Zegrahm Expeditions is a first-class up-market tour company. Its programs are all off-off-the beaten track. 

Ann M.

Zegrahm does an excellent program on their expeditions. They go SO many interesting places it is hard to choose. This trip was fantastic and again Zegrahm did the Seychelles proud. It is a magical place. 

Nancy & Clair F.

It’s been a great experience. The ship, the food, the staff, the trip leaders and lecturers, and above all the Seychelles have met our expeditions and more. We will certainly/hopefully return to a Zegrahm expedition in the future.

Gunnel A.

We could not have done this on our own. Thanks to Zegrahm’s expert planning and connections with the locals, we arrived at the best snorkeling and birding sites we have ever seen—absolutely magnificent.

Bob C. & Vanessa B.

I would absolutely recommend the trip to anyone who loves the tropics, swimming, snorkeling, diving, and sailing, birds, fish, sea turtles and land tortoises. Yes, it's "far away", but that's part of the allure, to me, at least! 

Ann C.