Ultimate Namibia

August 3, 2014 - August 17, 2014
August 2, 2015 - August 16, 2015

Activity Level

Travel will be by small charter aircraft as well as jeeps, minivans, and game-drive vehicles. Participants should be aware that the game drives are often over bumpy surfaces and can sometimes be long and strenuous. For most activities, a relatively moderate level of exertion is required. You will visit Namibia during the dry season, when it is generally cool and pleasant, with clear skies. Average daily temperatures will be approximately 70°F to 80°F during the day, but nights and early mornings can be quite chilly.

Should you have any physical limitations, please notify us in advance of your departure.

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August falls during the main winter months when Namibia cools down and dries out; the average maximum temperature is in the mid 70s°F, but nights can become cold, dropping below freezing in some desert areas.

If you wish to do your own research on the region’s climate, you may want to check local weather conditions on the Internet or the Weather Channel and Accuweather shortly before departure.

The following are average high/low temperatures in August for selected locations on our itinerary:







Walvis Bay 59º 52º

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Major credit cards (Visa and MasterCard only) may be used at our camps, however, it will not be possible to get cash advances off any credit or debit cards at lodges or camps, so you will need to have some cash available if you wish to make smaller purchases.

As of February 2014 the exchange rates are as follows:

                $1 US dollar = 11 Namibian dollar (NAD)

Most of your expenses have been prepaid; therefore, we recommend that you carry most of your spending money in smaller denominations of U.S. dollars.

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You will receive your Pre-Departure Packet—including a Personal Information Form that will need to be returned to Zegrahm, a complete packing list, reading list, and gift certificates—approximately five months prior to departure. Final documents—including a final itinerary, contact list, and staff biographies—will be sent approximately one month prior to departure. 

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All electricity runs at 220V in Namibia, with three-prong outlets of the round Type-M variety. However, as there is insufficient electricity available at the permanent tented camps to power appliances, we ask that you not take them on safari. Fortunately, there will be facilities for recharging batteries at the camps. At these locations, you will need to bring a European, round, two-prong adapter and converter if your equipment is not compatible with 220V electricity.

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Extending Your Stay

Interested in extending your stay? Speak with one of our Expedition Advisors to find out how easy it is for you to stay an extra night or two. Or, our Private Travel department is available to design customized extended stays for individuals, families, and groups of friends—the same horizon-broadening adventures and life-changing experiences as our group expedition, but on a flexible, intimate, and personalized scale. Call 800.628.8747 or 206.285.4000 for more information.  

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Flight Information

Certain flights are not included in the cost of expeditions; however, Zegrahm Expeditions has a fully-staffed air department that can assist you with flight arrangements. Since many of our expeditions embark and disembark from remote destinations, the airports that serve these areas often have limited carriers and/or daily flights.

You will need to purchase airfare from your home city/Windhoek and Windhoek/home city. For more detailed information, please contact our in-house Air Department for fare quotes, reservations, or other air-related questions.

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Internet and Phone

To help you in the event that you must be reached during our expedition, you will be provided with a complete list of our local offices, group hotels, and camp contact information with your final departure documents.

Please bear in mind that communication can be very difficult at times. Safari camps do not offer telephone, fax, e-mail, or radio service except in emergencies.

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Local Time

Following is a sample of local times during this expedition when it is 7:00 a.m. on the North American west coast:


Seattle, WA (PDT)

10:00a.m. New York, NY (EDT)
5:00p.m. Namibia

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Should you have any dietary needs, please let us know on the Personal Information Form included with the Pre-Departure packet, and we will do our best to prepare for them.  Unfortunately kosher meals cannot be accommodated.

Professional cooks prepare the food on all safaris. Southern Africans pride themselves on delicious, full-bodied, hearty meals. All safari camps also feature a fully stocked bar. All beverages are included on game drives and boat trips, as well as complimentary beer and house wines at dinner. Additional beverages are not included in the cost of the program.

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Packing Suggestions

It is essential to maximize the versatility of your travel wardrobe by packing clothing that can be layered. Wash-and-wear, lightweight, natural fabrics are recommended. As you pack, consider your own internal thermostat and personal taste and adjust accordingly.

Laundry service is available, and by using it, you can limit yourself to just three or four outfits and not be inconvenienced by an overabundance of clothing.

Expedition Clothing

Rugged, lightweight, comfortable, and casual clothing that can be layered is most suitable. Bring light materials (denim is discouraged). A warm jacket will be needed for the mornings and evenings.

Dress in the safari camps and in the lodges is causal and informal. Your clothes for safari should be in neutral, muted colors such as tan, khaki, and bush green. Navy blue and black can attract insects, and bright colors, like white, orange, and red should be avoided, as they alert wildlife to our presence and can cause them to shy away. Camouflage-patterned clothing is not allowed as it is associated with the military; your hat should also be neutral colored.

For protection against insect bites, long pants and long-sleeved shirts are useful as well. Also, bring along insect repellent with a high concentration of DEET. You may also consider permethrin spray, which can be applied directly to your clothing before departure and lasts up to three washings, or clothing with insect-repellent already bonded to the fabric, such as Buzz Off clothing.

Prepare yourself for warm weather and cool mornings and evenings. Although it may be cooler the sun will be strong. Bring adequate sun protection. Wear hats and use sun block as we will be out for extended periods of time. Comfortable walking or jogging shoes or lightweight hiking boots are suitable. You may welcome a change to more casual shoes for evenings. Thongs or sports sandals, such as Tevas, can double as slippers.  You may also want to pack a swimsuit, as some of our lodging will have swimming pools.

You will receive a complete Packing List with your Pre-Departure Packet, approximately five months prior to departure.

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Wild Animals

Please be aware that this safari may take you into close contact with wild animals. Attacks by wild animals are extremely rare to travelers, but no safari into the African wilderness can guarantee that this will not occur. Please note that the camps are not fenced and animals do wander through the camps at all times. Neither Zegrahm Expeditions, nor any principal or employee, nor any agent or agency, can be held responsible for any injury or accident on the safari.

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With Our Compliments

We are pleased to offer complimentary amenities to our explorers so they can be fully prepared before departing on one of our expeditions. Gift certificates to our Zegrahm Store and Longitude Books will offer you the opportunity to choose one of several specially selected items from our store along with books or maps suggested in the reading list. The certificates will be sent in your Pre-Departure Packet approximately five months prior to departure. Please refer to the gift certificates for more details. 

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