Circumnavigation of South Georgia with the Falkland Islands

October 22, 2015 - November 9, 2015

Just Announced!

We have eliminated the single supplement in all categories on this voyage (except suites). Book a stateroom as a solo traveler and pay the double occupancy rate. Call an Expedition Advisor to learn more!

Our comprehensive South Georgia adventure travel tour aboard the Sea Adventurer will capture everything, from the snow-covered plateaus and cliffs draped in 15-foot icicles to the stunning wildlife: majestic king penguins, four species of albatross, fur seals, and more. On this exciting wildlife expedition, get up close and personal with the amazing creatures that call this region home. We’ll also pay homage to the man most famous for South Georgia expedition travel, Sir Ernest Shackleton, at his Grytviken gravesite.

Circumnavigation of South Georgia Expedition highlights include:

  • Spend seven days exploring South Georgia, a land of majestic beauty and amazing wildlife.
  • Visit the beautiful, windswept Falkland Islands to view nesting black-browed albatross, Magellanic and rockhopper penguins, along with a host of endemic birds found nowhere else in the world.
  • Witness huge colonies of king penguins; with over 200,000 at Salisbury Plain, the colony extends for miles along the sandy beach and tussock-covered hillside.
  • Learn about early polar exploration and whaling history, including a visit to the burial site of Sir Ernest Shackleton.
  • Watch the antics of fur and elephant seals—males protecting harems, juveniles sparring, and females tending to adorable young pups.

Expedition Activities

Birding, Hiking & Trekking, History, Photography, Wildlife & Nature


  • Steeple Jason

  • Striated Caracara, Steeple Jason

  • Black-browed Albatross, Saunders Island

  • King Penguin, South Georgia

  • Fortuna Bay, South Georgia

  • Macaroni Penguins, South Georgia

  • Elephant Seal, South Georgia

  • King Penguins, South Georgia

  • Grytviken, South Georgia

  • Blue-eyed Shag, South Georgia

  • Sparring Elephant Seals, South Georgia

  • Stanley

  • Carcass Island

  • Giant Petrel

  • King Penguins, South Georgia

  • Gray-headed Albatross

  • Rockhopper Penguin, Saunders Island

  • Fur Seal, South Georgia

  • Upland Goose, Carcass Island

  • Shackleton's Grave, Grytviken, South Georgia

  • Gentoo Penguin, South Georgia

  • King Penguins, South Georgia

  • Magellanic Penguin, Carcass Island

  • Grytviken, South Georgia