Across the Arctic Circle: Iceland and Svalbard

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Your Iceland and Svalbard adventure travels will reveal a world of abundant wildlife, marine life, and amazing geological landscapes of black basaltic islands, dazzling glaciers, flowering tundra, smoking volcanoes, and bubbling thermal springs. An Iceland tour explores the fabled Golden Circle and offshore volcanic islands that provide a breeding ground for seals and a rest stop for nearly 90 species of migrating birds. Cruise through the Svalbard Archipelago’s majestic fjords and bays filled with glittering icebergs to search for the prolific wildlife found in and around these waters—thousands of breeding seabirds, seals, walrus, whales, Arctic foxes, and the mighty polar bear. And your Iceland adventure travels wouldn’t be complete without visiting the cultural landmarks of the Vikings and modern-day explorers who expanded the northern fringes of the known world.

Iceland and Svalbard expedition highlights:
  • Explore the fabled Golden Circle—Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterfall, and the Geysir Center—a must-see on any Iceland expedition.
  • Search for a wealth of wildlife: seals, walrus, whales, Arctic foxes, and our ultimate Svalbard tour goal— polar bears.
  • Cruise by Zodiac to discover thousands of breeding seabirds, including kittiwakes, murres, dovekies, puffins, and rare ivory gulls.
  • Photograph dramatic landscapes, from basaltic islands rising from waters punctuated with gleaming icebergs, to lush tundra blazing with purple saxifrage and moss campion.

Expedition Activities

Birding, Culture, Hiking & Trekking, Wildlife & Nature


  • Glacier

  • Bearded seal, Svalbard

  • Little auk

  • Walrus, Prince Karl Island

  • Gulfoss waterfall, Iceland

  • Hofn, Iceland

  • Zodiac cruise by iceberg

  • Polar bears

  • Arctic fox

  • Wildflowers, Bear Island

  • Bear Island

  • Common eiders

  • Ringed seal

  • North Cape

  • Glacier, Svalbard

  • Hinlopen Strait

  • Icelandic girls

  • Vigur Island

  • Atlantic puffin

  • Svalbard

  • Ivory gull

  • Tromso

  • Walrus

  • Iceberg

  • Polar bear

  • Zodiac & polar bear

  • North Cape

  • Red shank

  • Svalbard