Faces of Melanesia

November 17, 2016 - December 3, 2016

Zegrahm has the most comprehensive trips providing unique sights, personal education, and the chance to meet and enjoy other peoples.

Art G.

With Zegrahm Expeditions I know in advance exactly what I’m getting and the only surprise is I always get more than was expected and it is always better.

Jo E.

The staff is outstanding. Quite knowledgeable. The remote villages we have visited are so unique.

Connie F.

Zegrahm takes you to where only your imagination has traveled.

Karel N.

All the staff are not only extremely well qualified, but they are genuinely enthusiastic and helpful. I love the recap, especially Thomas’ magnificent underwater videos. The lectures have been informative and interesting. My cabin is very comfortable and the food delicious. All in all, a delightful, first class experience!!

Marjorie H.

The effort the company/crew made to make our experience special and unique is incredible. The 100-110 passenger size is ideal. The crew/staff and passengers make a single traveler feel part of everything. Pleasant, friendly attitude created by staff/crew make the expedition so special. I really never want to travel with any other ship, I would be disappointed.  Learning-I love all the things I learn on a Zegrahm expedition. The “experts” are not dry academics but really fun fellow travelers who are available for conversations/questions/social events.

Deane F.

It was very special to visit islands that have seldom seen “outsiders.”  Many of them were beautiful as well as friendly and the children were always precious.

Gerald & Barbara M.

Great way to experience areas that would not be available otherwise.

Jackie G.

The staff/lecturers are totally outstanding. They are all very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their specialties. This enthusiasm plus a great sense of humor makes the trip a most memorable one.

Susan A.

Zegrahm will fill your day with many choices of activities designed to please everyone. Excellent leaders—all give 100%!

Bill S.