Papua New Guinea, Yap & Palau

This expedition has no scheduled departures at this time.

The Zegrahm staff are fantastic, the lectures interesting and informative. The places you go & the people you see are unforgettable and, I think, often unavailable through any other company.  We have traveled with Lindblad/National Geographic to Antarctica on the Corinthian II, but from now on, you are IT!

Irwin & Vilia S.

Truly the only way to see beautiful remote islands, their natural history and cultures – all this with experts in their fields who are great communicators. The Clipper Odyssey surpasses all expectations. By the end of the cruise you feel like you are with family.

Harold & Susanne W.

The relaxed, professional environment that takes us to fascinating places with fellow travelers who are as enthusiastic and congenial make for a trip that can’t be beat.

Gary B.

First class travel to exotic destinations with knowledgeable guides and lecturers.

Clifford & Vivien O.

Excellent lectures – kind helpful staff.

Richard J.