The Heart of Cuba

January 14, 2016 - January 24, 2016
February 11, 2016 - February 21, 2016

As it opens its doors to the world, Cuba adventure travelers are invited to discover centuries of cultural heritage and countless natural treasures—from pristine Caribbean wetlands to lush mountaintop forests. Our popular Cuba tour showcases four World Heritage Sites and two Biosphere Reserves, offering the chance to explore tidy colonial towns unchanged by modernity, search for endemic avian species that grace the tropical landscapes, and walk on the shores of historic Playa Girón. Throughout this Cuba expedition meet the hospitable Cuban people—artists and musicians, farmers and new entrepreneurs—whose highly personal insights bring to life the history and traditions of this fascinating, and multi-faceted, island nation.

Cuba Expedition Highlights:
  • Join us for a rare opportunity to visit Cuba, made possible through our partnership with sister company, International Expeditions*, who is authorized to conduct travel programs to Cuba under the people-to-people license category.
  • Immerse yourself in the culture as you visit with friendly locals, savor traditional cuisine, and enjoy numerous musical performances, including a visit to the Buena Vista Social Club, during your Havana tour.
  • Explore the Zapata Wetlands—this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is home to 171 species of birds, 18 of which are endemic, including bee hummingbirds, the world’s smallest living bird.
  • During your Havana expedition, stroll the atmospheric streets of the city to discover stunning colonial architecture and sun-splashed plazas, where classic American cars complete the scene of a by-gone era.

*International Expeditions, Inc. is authorized under general and specific licenses to operate, engage, organize, and conduct people-to-people travel to Cuba that engages participants in meaningful interactions with individuals in Cuba.

Expedition Activities

Archaeology, Birding, Culture, Wildlife & Nature


  • Cuban tody

  • Camaguey Ballet

  • Artisan

  • Havana

  • Cuban emerald

  • Local man

  • Cuban green woodpecker

  • Havana

  • Cuban parrot

  • Sunset

  • Valley of the Sugar Mills

  • Oriente warbler

  • Trinidad

  • West-Indian woodpecker

  • Revolution Square

  • Cuban oriole