Wild Galapagos

June 8, 2015 - June 16, 2015

This Galápagos tour offers the perfect introduction to Las Islas Encantadas, delivering a comprehensive experience in a relatively short amount of time. During your six-day Galápagos expedition, you will make numerous landings on no less than eight unique islands. Take scenic cruises along the wild shores by Zodiac and land on these remote, uninhabited islands for nature walks that reveal endemic species and prolific wildlife. The 40-guest Isabela II is the perfect vessel to explore the world’s first natural World Heritage Site in elegant comfort.

Galápagos Expedition Highlights
  • Photograph a wide variety of wildlife that has grown astonishingly fearless in the absence of humans and large predators.
  • Discover fascinating geology—lunar-like lava fields, eroded volcanic cones, and active shield volcanoes—on your Galápagos tour.
  • Witness numerous endemic species: giant Galápagos tortoises, marine iguanas, flightless cormorants, Galápagos hawks, and Darwin’s finches, to name a few.
  • Snorkel and swim among playful sea lions as well as sea turtles, rays, and, with luck, Galápagos penguins.
  • Led by renowned experts Zegrahm cofounder Jack Grove and Greg Estes, these Galápagos adventure travelers will enlighten you on the wildlife, geology, and history of the region throughout your journey.

Expedition Activities

Birding, Good for Families, Photography, Snorkeling, Wildlife & Nature


  • Galapagos tortoise

  • Swallow-tailed gulls

  • Marine iguana

  • Hiking

  • Sally lightfoot crab

  • Yellow-tail surgeonfish

  • Fernandina Island

  • Frigatebird

  • Gardner Bay