Alaska My Way

August 13, 2015 - August 27, 2015
July 21, 2016 - August 4, 2016

Having lived in Alaska for over a decade, long-time expedition leader, Kevin Clement, will lead this truly personal Alaska expedition, exposing travelers to the real “Great Land.” Denali National Park adventure travel offers opportunities to photograph wildflower meadows, moose, caribou, Dall sheep, and grizzly bears. In magnificent Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, don crampons for a glacier walk; in Cordova raft amid icebergs; and, in Prince William Sound, photograph bald eagles and sea otters. Enjoy a cruise through Kenai Fjords and in Lake Clark National Park, observe brown bears up close, all on this incredible Alaska tour.

Alaska Expedition Highlights

  • Spend three nights on a Denali National Park expedition; the park is home to 37 mammal species including moose, caribou, Dall sheep, and grizzly bears, while golden eagles, gyrfalcons, ptarmigan, and long-tailed jaegers are but a few of the 165 species of birds.
  • Strap on crampons (ice shoes) for a hike along one of the many glaciers found in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, a must-do for Alaska adventure travelers.
  • Take a scenic flight over the Copper River, one of the states’s most impressive wilderness waterways, a hallmark of any Alaska tour.
  • Cruise through Kenai Fjords National Park to spot Steller’s sea lions, harbor seals, puffins, eagles, and possibly orca and humpback whales.
  • Enjoy exceptional viewing of coastal brown bears in Lake Clark National Park.


Expedition Activities

Birding, Hiking & Trekking, Photography, Wildlife & Nature


  • Denali

  • Dall Sheep

  • Brown bears

  • Kennicott

  • Glacier walk

  • Bald eagle

  • Caribou

  • Grizzly bear

  • Sea otter

  • Moose

  • Bald eagle

  • Brown bear

  • Denali

  • Ptarmigan

  • Steller's sea lions

  • Tundra bloom