Wild Alaska and the Bering Sea

This expedition has no scheduled departures at this time.

Zegrahm’s staff, including those assigned on the ship, are absolutely wonderful. There is a great attention to detail and our comfort and well being. When there has been a problem it is solved immediately and that sets Zegrahm apart. We feel very comfortable while seeing incredible wildlife and scenery.

Linda W.

The opportunity to see wildlife and lots of places inaccessible to most people. Excellent naturalists on board to get in depth backgrounds on flora and fauna.

Jackie W.

Zegrahm makes you think the expedition was designed and planned especially for you.

Francisco S.

Zegrahm trips are always special because of their unusual destinations. Additionally, on this trip, the quality of the staff and lecturers, their sense of fun and camaraderie, made it even more special, enjoyable, and instructive.

Mary S.

True, flexible expedition—schedule and activities adjusted to optimize educational opportunities (extra stop at False Pass, whale watching); experienced and engaged leaders and lecturers who enjoy sharing their knowledge during all activities; like-minded travel companions—most of adventure sees spirit. 

Dale S.

Zegrahm always offers quality service with the most knowledgeable lecturers available. With Zegrahm you have no worries and are always safe and taken care of which is important when traveling alone.

Jan H.

With the combined expertise of Capt. Fielding, Expedition Leader Kevin Clement and Cruise Director Thomas Baechtold, we saw it ALL. Not “wild” but superlative off the beaten track travel! Memories to last a lifetime. 

Valerie P.