Sultan's Palace, Brunei
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Brunei to Bali

This expedition has no scheduled departures at this time.

You begin this Bali expedition in the sultanate of Brunei, a small monarchy encompassing the gleaming, ultra-modern capital city of Bandar Seri Begawan and picturesque, ancient villages. Observe gentle orangutans in Sabah during your Borneo tour, and enjoy the traditional hospitality of the Dayak people in Kalimantan. A visit to Toraja highlights the elaborately carved architecture and effigy-guarded cliff-side graves, and you may view the legendary Komodo dragon up-close on Komodo Island. No Bali and Borneo adventure travel experience would be complete without snorkeling and diving in crystal-clear waters and commingling with wildlife and endemic birds by Zodiac on remote island shores. The legendary scenic beauty and thriving art scene of Bali makes for a fitting finale to this epic journey.

Borneo and Bali expedition highlights:

  • Observe orangutans in Sabah during your Borneo expedition, and take nature walks in search of other rain forest inhabitants.
  • Snorkel or dive among dazzling tropical fish and colorful corals—these waters are some of the most bio-diverse in the world and a must-see during Borneo and Bali tours.
  • Experience exotic cultures that have kept their traditions alive: Toraja’s complex ancestor worship, the distinct language and elaborate ceremonies of the Dayak people, and Bali’s rich artistic heritage.
  • Step ashore on Komodo Island and enjoy close encounters with its namesake dragon, a true Borneo and Bali adventure travel experience.

With Zegrahm Expeditions, virtually everything is included in the cost of your Borneo and Bali expedition:

  • All gratuities, from porters and ship’s crew to tour guides
  • All accommodations, including pre-voyage hotel nights
  • Welcome dinner and orientation briefing to get to know one another and get a good sense of what’s to come during your Bali adventure travel experience
  • Daily activity options, from snorkeling and diving in some of the world’s most bio-diverse waters to meeting Komodo dragons up close
  • World-class lecture and expedition team
  • All meals onboard and with the group ashore
  • All entrance fees, taxes, and landing and port charges
  • All transfers on the group arrival and departure days
  • Gift certificates for recommended Borneo and Bali expedition gear and reading materials
  • Comprehensive pre-departure packet to prepare you for your Borneo and Bali tours, with everything from currency information and weather to shipboard amenities and a packing list
  • Medical and emergency evacuation insurance
  • Dedicated Zegrahm expedition advisor and air coordinator to answer all your questions
  • Photographic journal upon returning home to relive your Borneo and Bali adventure travels

Expedition Activities

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