Best of Indonesia: Davao to Bali

This expedition has no scheduled departures at this time.

This trip was the best snorkeling we have experienced throughout the world, bar none, and we have been snorkeling and diving for 40 years from Australia to the Caribbean.

Stan & Linda K.

Our Best of Indonesia trip was tops, especially the excursion up the mountain to see the amazing houses of Toraja; learning of the remarkable year-long funeral ceremonies involving the sacrifice of a blue-eyed bull was fascinating.

Connie B.

We came upon our first sighting of the dragon asleep atop a little hill in the warm sun. After several minutes of snapping photos, the slumbering beast awoke with a start and decided to move on for the day. It wowed (and jump-started!) us all as it made its way down the hill and into the shade of the dense brush. This amazing spectacle in the wild is one that I recount to family and friends over and over. 

Adrienne C.

It is very hard to imagine a more thorough introduction to all that makes Indonesia a must-experience destination for all adventure travelers. As usual, Zegrahm does a superb job of showing you the best. 

John & Pam K.