Papua New Guinea, Yap & Palau

This expedition has no scheduled departures at this time.

This far frontier of the western South Pacific—including the outer islands of Papua New Guinea, Yap, and Palau—hosts the most traditional cultures and exotic tropical landscapes in Oceania. This 17-day South Pacific tour will astonish travelers with diverse landscapes, from soaring volcanic peaks to submerged craters teeming with kaleidoscopic fish, and offers unique encounters with native Melanesian and Micronesian peoples and their exuberant ritualistic hospitality. During your South Pacific adventure travels, you’ll visit remote island communities—including a Yap tour—and will be celebrated with everything from war canoe greetings and energetic dances to rhythmic drumming and curious schoolchildren. Throughout your South Pacific expedition, you will have the opportunity to hike through tropical foliage in search of endemic birds, enjoy leisurely strolls along warm sandy beaches, and snorkel and dive nearly every day among fringing coral reefs populated by more than 1,400 fish species.

South Pacific expedition highlights:

  • Watch energetic dance performances by the Trobriand and Yap islanders, as well as the Baining tribe’s dramatic fire-dance during the Yap tour and other island visits.
  • Hike lush jungles, stroll beaches brushed by palm fronds, view smoking volcanoes, and cruise by Zodiac along remote shorelines as part of your South Pacific adventure travels.
  • View spinner dolphins and sea turtles at sea and monitor lizards and flying foxes ashore.
  • Snorkel or dive amongst neon damsels, parrotfish, wrasses, and giant tridacna clams.
  • Look for magnificent frigatebirds, white-bellied sea eagles, and sulphur-crested cockatoos.

Expedition Activities

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