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Mark Brazil

Expedition Leader & Ornithologist
Mark Brazil

Mark developed his fascination with the natural world, especially birds and mammals, during his boyhood in the landlocked English county of Worcestershire. He pursued academic interests in biology during studies in England and Scotland, while exploring the coasts and mountains of Britain in search of birds. Mark earned his PhD from Stirling University, Scotland, for his work on avian behavioral-ecology in Iceland and Scotland. Ornithological research, natural history consultancy for TV companies, and guiding naturalists and wildlife photographers, have taken him to all continents, but his particular passion is Asia in all its diversity. Fascinated by island biology, he is a leading authority on the natural history of Japan, where he worked as a professor of biodiversity and conservation at Rakuno Gakuen University, near Sapporo, until 2007. Mark is currently based in Hokkaido, Japan. In addition to being a field naturalist, he is a prolific writer. He is a columnist for The Japan Times newspaper (his column Wild Watch has appeared there since 1982 and is the longest running natural history column in the world) and writer-in-residence for JapanVisitor.com. Mark’s books include Wild Asia: Spirit of a Continent, The Birds of Japan (the definitive text of bird biology and distribution in the Japanese archipelago), the monograph The Whooper Swan, and most recently, A Field Guide to the Birds of East Asia. Mark juggles international travel with writing and enjoys spending as much time as possible exploring Hokkaido.

Mark's Upcoming Expeditions

  • Into the Pantanal: A Brazilian Wildlife Adventure

    October 2October 20, 2015

    With its massive numbers of indigenous mammals, birds, and rare primates, Brazil’s Pantanal region is begging your discovery—come meet capybara, jaguars, ocelots, and tapirs in the planet’s largest seasonal wetland area.

  • Nepal & Bhutan

    Nepal & Bhutan

    October 29November 18, 2015

    Wildlife expert Mark Brazil accompanies us on this brand-new tour, during which you’ll discover the cultural and natural treasures of Nepal and Bhutan, from the dramatic Tiger’s Nest monastery to Chitwan National Park to Sarangkok’s sublime sunrise.

  • Wild Western India

    January 2January 20, 2016

    Visiting Western India’s most exotically named regions, including Gir National Park, Velavadar, and Little Rann of Kutch, you’re bound to make incredible memories as you travel with wildlife expert Mark Brazil in search of Asiatic lions, Indian wolves, and the elusive khur. 

  • Snow Monkeys & Cranes of Japan

    February 9February 27, 2016

    Marvel at the sight of nearly 12,000 hooded and white-naped cranes, as they flock to Japan’s exquisite wintertime landscape, Arasaki, Kyushu—later, a boat trip to the tip of the Shiretoko Peninsula puts us up close and personal with Steller’s sea eagles.

  • Natural Wonders of Sri Lanka

    March 27April 14, 2016

    Wildlife expert Mark Brazil leads this immersive exploration of the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” with its bird-watching haven, Sinharaja Nature Reserve; Yala National Park’s Sri Lankan elephants; and the World Heritage Site of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. 

  • Treasures of Japan

    Treasures of Japan

    April 30May 14, 2016

    Sail Japan’s Inland Sea, marveling at the fabled shrines, incredible castles, and dramatic coastlines of Honshu Island—as an added bonus, we’ll visit Gyeongju, South Korea, a World Heritage Site and ancient capital of the Shilla Dynasty.

  • Brazil's Pantanal: A Wildlife Adventure

    September 26October 14, 2016

    With its massive numbers of indigenous mammals, birds, and rare primates, Brazil’s Pantanal region is begging your discovery—come meet capybara, jaguars, ocelots, and tapirs in the planet’s largest seasonal wetland area.

  • Sacred Traditions: Japan Revealed

    Sacred Traditions: Japan Revealed

    October 21November 8, 2016

    This brand-new Japan adventure introduces you to everything from Honshu Island’s local residents to Kyoto’s noteworthy temples and Kanazawa’s famous gardens of Kenroku-en—it’s an off-the-beaten-path immersion with incredible personal connections made possible by Japan expert Mark Brazil. 

  • Faces of Melanesia

    Faces of Melanesia

    November 17December 3, 2016

    Introducing the extraordinary diversity of Melanesia and its fascinating people, our award-winning journey to these idyllic islands features incredible bird-watching opportunities, elaborate local traditions and ceremonies, snorkeling over pristine coral reefs, and the option to explore Papua New Guinea.