November-Antarctica’s Best Kept Secret

November – Antarctica’s Best Kept Secret

SEATTLE, Wash.—Intrepid travelers already know the advantages of traveling outside of peak season—fewer people, better service, and of course lower prices. Traditionally, travel to Antarctica has not really offered much alternative, with experienced travelers answering the call of the last great continent in that limited summer season of December and January. Zegrahm Expeditions once again offers something different, a chance to make some of the first footsteps in the unique Antarctic environment. A November expedition in the early Austral summer offers the rare opportunity to witness an untouched Antarctica still blanketed with pristine snow, polished icescapes, and raucous wildlife.

With an exceptional November voyage to Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands, Zegrahm Expeditions takes full advantage of being the most experienced operator in Antarctica by exploring all of the best places, including stops in rarely traveled areas, at a time of year when the region is coming to life—literally. Tiny newly born fur seals, gentoo penguin chicks just hatched, and chinstrap penguins building their nests—all are in the throes of surviving and reproducing.

November has also become the favored time of year among serious photographers as it offers the opportunity to capture Adelie penguins diving off ice shelves that have not yet melted, gargantuan male elephant seals battling in contests to add females to their harem, and elephant seal wieners (pups) covering the beaches.

The 22-day itinerary features some of the most experienced naturalists and leaders in the industry, who together have visited Antarctica more than 250 times. Itinerary stops include the wildlife-rich oasis of the Falkland Islands; the little-known natural wonderland of South Georgia, with its colonies of thousands of king penguins; and the spectacular Antarctic Peninsula and Elephant Island. Aboard the luxury expedition vessel Le Diamant, travelers navigate waters between towering ice shelves, dazzling icebergs, and glacier-filled islands before the rush of travelers arrive mid summer. 

The Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands voyage takes place November 15 – December 6, 2008 or November 20 – December 11, 2009; 22days/21 nights; starting at $10,980 double occupancy; aboard Le Diamant carrying 165-passengers. More information and a full brochure are available at

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