Top Seven Reasons to Visit Antarctica with Zegrahm Expeditions

Top Seven Reasons to Visit Antarctica with Zegrahm Expeditions
Refurbished Expedition Vessel and Excellent Value Among the Many Reasons to Explore the Great White Continent with Zegrahm in 22019-2020

Seattle, WA – Zegrahm Expeditions, the world leader in small-ship cruising and overland adventures, is pleased to return to the ends of the Earth in 2019- 2020 on its annual voyage to Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands. With many options to choose from when planning an adventure to this part of the world, here are the top seven reasons to visit Antarctica with Zegrahm Expeditions:

  1. Ideal Expedition Vessel – The recently refurbished Ocean Diamond is equipped with stabilizers and an ice-hardened hull, allowing an easy navigation of the most rugged, natural environments, all while providing updated staterooms with outside views, fine dining, and spacious open decks for observing wildlife and the phenomenal scenery.
  2. Explore by Zodiac, Kayak, and on Foot – Most big cruise ships do not offer landings on the Great White Continent itself, but Zegrahm’s fleet of Zodiacs provides the ability to explore at a moment’s notice, while kayaks offer a unique perspective of the region.
  3. Wonderful Wildlife – Guests will encounter amazing wildlife such as gentoo, rockhopper, chinstrap, and Magellanic penguins; elephant and fur seals; and black-browed albatross.
  4. Best Time of Year – Zegrahm’s annual Antarctica expedition is ideally timed during the height of the austral summer so there is plenty of daylight to spend exploring.
  5. Expert Leaders – Zegrahm builds the ultimate dream team for each itinerary and their Antarctica expedition is no exception—guests can expect to travel with a team of experts, including ornithologists, geologists, marine biologists, and naturalists, each eager to share their knowledge on guided excursions and during lectures, slideshows, and daily recaps.
  6. Responsible Tourism – Zegrahm is a founding member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), which promotes safe and environmentally responsible travel to the Antarctic.
  7. Excellent Value – Traveling with Zegrahm means enjoying an all-inclusive adventure—from accommodations aboard the Ocean Diamond and all meals (with beer and wine at lunch and dinner) to Zodiac cruises, kayaking, and more. And, with fares starting at less than $30,000 per person, Zegrahm truly offers the best value when considering a voyage of this magnitude.

“This singular voyage is always much anticipated by our field staff—in fact, their passion to share this magical corner of the globe is infectious as soon as guests step on board,” says Zegrahm President Edwin Blythe. “And, with Zegrahm, not only will travelers explore in their expert hands, but also enjoy all-inclusive value and over 25 years of experience in this part of the world.”

 For more information about Zegrahm or to make a reservation on an upcoming expedition, please visit or call 1-800-628-8747.

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With over 25 years in expedition travel in 2018 Seattle-based Zegrahm Expeditions Inc. is a leading adventure travel company specializing in small-ship expedition cruises, tours, and safaris to remote and intriguing destinations around the world. Led by expert guides and lecturers, Zegrahm itineraries are carefully crafted and all-inclusive, feature deluxe accommodations, and operate in all seven continents. 

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