Zegrahm’s New ‘Best of Indonesia’ Expedition Highlights a Remote World of Extravagant Wonders

Zegrahm’s New ‘Best of Indonesia’ Expedition Highlights a Remote World of Extravagant Wonders

SEATTLE, Wash —Zegrahm Expeditions announces a new voyage spanning the world’s largest archipelago – the Republic of Indonesia. This unique journey takes travelers through the most biodiverse region on the planet. This remote and remarkable area, with its wild assortment of plant, bird, mammal, and marine life, inspired early theories of evolution that rocked the world. Its mighty mountain peaks – most notably, the volcano Krakatoa – have been known to do the same.          

Zegrahm’s Best of Indonesia will be offered in two parts, each packed with an array of exciting cultural and natural highlights, including:                

  • A journey, via Zodiac, through mangrove forests lush with cockatoos and lorikeets to the remote villages of the Asmat on the island of New Guinea, where villagers gather, whooping and chanting, in traditional warrior garb. Known worldwide for its elaborate and highly collectible woodcarvings based on the intertwining relationship between life and death, the Asmat was once home to cannibalistic practices.
  • Three days in Raja Ampat, otherwise known as Four Kings, a proposed World Heritage Site heralded as the most biodiverse marine area on earth. Along with more than a thousand reef fish – some previously unknown to science – and an abundance of coral species, divers have the chance to view two sunken Japanese bombers.
  • A visit to tiny volcanic Ternate offers a glimpse into the region’s fascinating spice trading history with tours of Fort Tolukko, built by the Portugese in 1512 and Fort Oranye, built by the Dutch in 1619.
  • At the 21,000-acre Tangkoko Nature Reserve in Northern Sulawesi, birders can scout for the endemic Sulawesi hornbill, lilac-cheeked kingfisher or blue-breasted pita while others can search for crested black macaque or journey to Bitung to see tiny, hold-in-your-hand tarsiers, the world’s smallest primate.
  • A full day’s overland excursion to Toraja, a veritable Shangri-La locatedin the cool highlands of South Sulawesi, offers breathtaking views and a fascinating glimpse into a ritualistic people who reside in ship-shaped dwellings and bury their dead in high cliff-side crypts guarded by life-sized effigies.
  • A visit to the Komodo Island National Park, home to the prehistoric Komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizard, provides opportunity for up close viewing and photography. These enormous reptiles, which grow up to 10 feet and weigh in at 300 pounds, roam a forested sanctuary populated by Javan rusa deer, yellow-crested cockatoos, friarbirds and megapodes.

The “Best of Indonesia” will set sail upon the intimate 110-passenger Clipper Odyssey. As with all Zegrahm trips, passengers will be accompanied by a world-class expedition team including a cultural anthropologist, marine biologists and scuba diving professionals, ornithologists, biologists, and naturalists.

Voyage I | Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea to Manado, North Sulawesi | 20 days | Feb 15 – Mar 6, 2010.  Prices start from $10,280 per person, double occupancy

Voyage II | Manado, North Sulawesi to Benoa, Bali | 17 days | March 2 – 18, 2010 | Prices start from $9,380 per person, double occupancy

Trip price includes deluxe accommodations, shore excursions (including scuba diving), services of expedition staff, and all meals and gratuities. More information about Zegrahm Expeditions, travel itineraries, and brochures is available at www.zegrahm.com


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