Zegrahm Celebrates 20 Years with a Packed Calendar of Rare, Personal Adventures

Zegrahm Celebrates 20 Years with a Packed Calendar of Rare, Personal Adventures

SEATTLE, Wash.— Zegrahm Expeditions celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2010 with nearly 40 one-of-a-kind adventures to the far-flung reaches of the globe. Designed for the discerning traveler, Zegrahm trips deliver extraordinary destinations, up-close encounters with wildlife, and rare opportunities for cultural interaction. Specialists in adventure since 1990, the company’s expert leadership, unparalleled itineraries, luxurious accommodations, and decades of combined experience provide Zegrahm passengers with the best in adventure travel, pole to pole.

Kicking off the 2010 calendar is the Best of Indonesia, a two-part voyage through the world’s largest archipelago led by Zegrahm cofounder Mike Messick. Starting with the pearling center of Thursday Island, Australia, and ending in the rainbow-hued reefs of Bunaken in North Sulawesi, the first itinerary includes the remote and culturally-rich Asmat villages of Papua, Indonesia, and the famed undersea world of Raja Ampat, the most biodiverse marine environment on the planet. Highlights of the second voyage, which begins in the islands and highlands of Sulawesi and ends in exquisite, sacred Bali, include the Togean Islands, home to Togean macaques, hanging parrots, and the rare dugong; Toraja, a veritable Shangri-la of rugged mountains and lush valleys where life-sized effigies guard the graves of the ritualistic Toraja people; and Komodo Island, populated by yellow-crested cockatoos, rusa deer, and the famed prehistoric giant monitor lizard.

Iran: Wonders of Persia is a rare jewel in Zegrahm’s land-based expeditions' calendar. This extraordinary adventure, replete with magnificent ruins, glorious mosques, and a warm, welcoming people, will be led by Asian expert and seasoned Iran guide Gary Wintz. Highlights of the journey include the remarkable desert oases of Yazd, one of the oldest towns on Earth and center of the Zoroastrian faith; Persepolis, Iran’s most famous archaeological site, and home to Xerxes’ Gateway; the immense Adadna Palace and the Palace of 100 Columns; and Esfahan, where the breathtaking blue-tiled Masjed-e Emam and other architectural wonders leave few to call into question the Persian proverb that “Esfahan is half the world.”

Also featured on the calendar for 2010 are two special 20th anniversary expeditions, New Zealand to New Guinea with Norfolk Island andCircumnavigation of South Georgia, led by Zegrahm’s cofounders Jack Grove, Peter Harrison, Mike Messick, and Shirley Metz.

A classic Antarctic adventure, Circumnavigation of South Georgia, will sail from the far-flung Falkland Islands to the pristine shores of South Georgia Island, habitat to tens of thousands of king penguins, a million and a half fur and elephant seals, and an incredible array of seabirds, including the largest flying bird on the planet, the wandering albatross. Staggering scenery, toe-to-toe encounters with wildlife, and the extraordinary exploits of Sir Ernest Shackleton highlight this historic voyage, which recreates and celebrates the adventure travel company’s inaugural voyage.

A host of other adventures await, from the fragile atolls and frangipani-scented isles of Melanesia and Micronesia to the remote, historically-rich outposts of the Northern Pacific’s Ring of Fire. For more information, including the full 2010 Zegrahm Expeditions travel calendar, travel itineraries, and brochures, visit www.zegrahm.com


Seattle-based Zegrahm Expeditions Inc., founded in 1990, is a leading adventure travel company specializing in small-ship cruises, tours, and safaris to remote and intriguing destinations around the world. Led by expert guides and lecturers, Zegrahm itineraries are carefully crafted and all-inclusive, feature deluxe accommodations, and operate in all seven continents. For more information, please access www.zegrahm.com.

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