Zegrahm Expeditions Announces 2017 President's Cruise to Antarctica

Zegrahm Expeditions Announces 2017 President’s Cruise to Antarctica
Van Perry to Join Zegrahm’s Stellar Expedition Team for Signature Antarctica Expedition

Seattle, WA (May 12, 2016) – Zegrahm Expeditions , the world leader in small-ship cruising and overland adventures, is thrilled to announce that company president, Van Perry, will join its annual expedition to Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands. A President’s Cruise is the first of its kind for Zegrahm, and will allow guests to get to know the company’s new leader, enjoy extra celebrations, and receive a special commemorative gift.

“I am very much looking forward to joining this signature expedition,” says Van Perry, Zegrahm President. “Not only will it be my first time exploring the Antarctic Peninsula, but it will be a tremendous opportunity to meet and travel with our intrepid explorers, and experience the magic of Antarctica as our guests have for the past quarter-century.”

Zegrahm has operated more than 60 trips to the region since its inception over 25 years ago and is a founding member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO). Zegrahm’s 2017 expedition to Antarctica departs January 5 and is aboard the recently refurbished Ocean Diamond. In addition to traveling with the company President, guests joining the 22-day voyage will explore in the company of a stellar expedition team; they are hand-selected to be a part of this annual voyage because of their vast knowledge of and experience in the Antarctic. The team is comprised of ornithologists, naturalists, marine biologists, geologists, and historians—their passion to share this extraordinary corner of the world is one of the highlights of traveling with Zegrahm.

Beyond setting foot on the Antarctic continent and reveling in the incredible scenery of snowcapped peaks, mighty glaciers, and glistening icebergs, Zegrahm’s itinerary includes visits to both South Georgia and the Falklands Islands. On South Georgia travelers witness vast penguin colonies—king, macaroni, and gentoo—as well as large numbers of elephant and fur seals crowding the beaches. In the Falkland Islands, travelers view colonies of rockhopper, gentoo, and Magellanic penguins, as well as the regal black-browed albatross. Throughout the voyage, guests will learn about early polar exploration and whaling history, including a visit to the burial site of Sir Ernest Shackleton.

For more information about Zegrahm and its all-inclusive itineraries, please visit www.zegrahm.com or call 1-800-628-8747.  

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