Zegrahm Expeditions Announces its 2010 World of Thanks Donation

Zegrahm Expeditions Announces its 2010 World of Thanks Donation

SEATTLE, WA, JANUARY 6, 2011—It has become Zegrahm Expedition’s tradition to make a sizable donation at the end of each year to an organization that is doing charitable work in a region they visit, or for a cause they support, in lieu of mailing holiday cards. The donation is made in the nameof theirloyal travelers, travel advisors, and friends to thank them for their continued support over the course of the year.

Typically, Zegrahm would choose one organization for the donation, but for 2010 decided to spread their donation funds among three organizations and let their traveler community decide how the funds should be allocated. As such, the company sent out an e-mail inviting their constituents to vote online in early December and here are the results:

CHILDREN IN THE WILDERNESS – Received 46% of the votes

Children in the Wilderness is an environmental and life-skills educational program dedicated to bridging the divide between communities and wildlife by creating environmental leaders. The program hosts rural children in seven South African countries, between the ages of 8-16, at six-day wilderness safari camps. Children are paired with park guides, who will educate them on the importance of conservation while introducing them to the beauty and diversity of their natural environment. Zegrahm’s donation will sponsor a full camp that includes several children’s attendance.

HENDERSON ISLAND – Received 22% of the votes

On their October 2010 Quest for Paradise voyage, Zegrahm visited Henderson Island which is the focus of an important restoration project, led by Europe’s largest wildlife conservation organization, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). This project seeks to restore wildlife habitat and ensure the survival of the endemic birds on the island that have been threatened by the presence of introduced Pacific rats.In particular, Zegrahm cofounder and seabird expert, Peter Harrison, is working closely with the RSPB to help raise awareness and funds for this important project.

SAVE OUR SEAS – Received 31% of the votes

Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF) is an international non-profit that is committed to protecting our oceans through research, education, awareness, and conservation projects in marine environments that are under threat. A major focus of SOSF has been the understanding and protection of the world’s largest shark species. Since 2003, SOSF has sponsored more than 150 projects in 42 countries including the Maldives and the Seychelles, two countries Zegrahm will visit on voyages in 2011 and 2012. Zegrahm cofounder and marine biologist, Jack Grove, is a supporter of SOSF and their conservation efforts and was invited by the International Union for Conservation of Nature to participate in a conference to discuss a strategy for the preservation of marine biodiversity.

To learn more about Zegrahm Expeditions and the other charitable organizations they support, please visit www.zegrahm.com.

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