Zegrahm Expeditions is pushing to the end of the Earth in 2009

Zegrahm Expeditions is pushing to the end of the Earth in 2009 

SEATTLE, Wash.— The Wild Edge of the Pacific expedition in late 2009 has all the aspects that appeal to adventure travelers, remote destinations that few can claim to have visited along with a startling array of natural delights. The remote Kermadec and Chatham Islands—among the most isolated island groups in the world are the centerpiece of this unique voyage offered by adventure travel specialist Zegrahm Expeditions.

These tiny, but vital, specs on the Pacific Ocean map are not easily accessible and offer a mind-boggling array of species that will thrill nature lovers. The unique aspects of this voyage were recognized recently byNational Geographic Adventure magazine as one of the 25 Best New Trips in the World for 2009. In their article entitled "Discover Darwin-topia" they describe a scene reminiscent of the Galápagos a hundred years ago, with a startling number of endemic species.

The Kermadecs, located between Fiji and New Zealand’s North Island, form an arc of volcanic islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Travelers will thrill at exploring sub-tropical, broad-leaf forests on foot or by Zodiacs that can access the rocky shores and hidden inlets harboring many of the 21 species of indigenous birds. The expedition also offers a chance to snorkel in the sub-tropical waters with resident spotted black grouper—gentle giants whose friendly curiosity is the result of a highly protected environment.

The stunning, low-lying Chatham Islands lie to the east of New Zealand, the temperate forests sheltering unique botanicals and two of the rarest birds on the planet—the Chatham Island black robin and shore plover.

The award-winning expedition sets sail from Fiji and heads south aboard the Clipper Odyssey, a luxury expedition vessel with a fleet of Zodiacs that allow for exploration anywhere nature or curiosity dictates. In addition to the wild and remote Kermadec and Chatham Islands, the voyage includes Maori culture and historical sights on New Zealand's north island, visits to New Zealand’s Sub-Antarctic Islands with the scenic splendors and magnificent geography of the World Heritage areas of Doubtful, Dusky, and Milford Sounds of New Zealand make a fitting finale.

Voyage I | Kermadecs & Chatham Islands, with Fiji & New Zealand | 26 November – 11 December 2009 | Prices start from $9,980 per person, double occupancy

Voyage II | Chathams • Bounty • Antipodes • Sub-Antarctic Islands • New Zealand | 8 – 23 December 2009 | Prices start from $8,980 per person, double occupancy

The trip price includes: Deluxe accommodations, all excursions, all meals and gratuities. More information about Zegrahm & Eco Expeditions, travel itineraries, and brochures is available at www.zegrahm.com


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