Guests on Sand Dune

All-Inclusive Exploration

When you travel with Zegrahm, you are treated to an all-inclusive adventure. Each day you can choose from a host of complimentary activity options. From birding excursions, Zodiac cruises, and nature walks to snorkeling, wine tastings, and cultural tours, you can explore a destination in whichever way suits your individual tastes. Click through to see some of the activities you'll experience when traveling with us!

  • Complimentary Kayaking

    Sea kayaking offers you a whole new way to experience a destination, silently gliding through the water observing the world as marine life does. Whether it’s paddling among glittering icebergs and gargantuan whales in the polar regions to navigating through tiny uninhabited islets and chiseled fjords in Central and South America, you will gain a greater understanding of these marine environments. In addition to carrying one- and two-person kayaks, our vessels are equipped with dry suits, spray skirts, and more to keep you safe and dry, especially in cold-weather climates.

  • Zodiac Cruise
    Zodiac Cruising

    Each of our vessels is equipped with a fleet of Zodiacs—small, inflatable landing craft—that allow us to explore at a moment's notice. The Zodiacs are lowered with expediency and ease so that everyone may go ashore at the same time, and ensure that we don't miss a single encounter with wildlife (like thousands of penguins waiting to greet us on the beach!) or the opportunity to snorkel or dive at any time throughout an expedition. 

  • Elephanta Caves
    Cultural Excursions

    Whether it's exploring an ancient monastery, visiting an Asmat village, or discovering a UNESCO World Heritage Site, our cultural excursions will give you a greater understanding of the destinations we visit. Our team of experts—including historians, anthropologists, and archaeologists—will provide valuable insight into the history, politics, and religions of all the stops along our itinerary.

  • Winery in South Africa
    Wine Tasting

    Some of Zegrahm's adventures call in the world's premier wine destinations—from Southwestern France's famed wine-growing region of Bordeaux to South Africa's Cape Winelands—and we will have the opportunity to partake in winery tours and tastings whenever possible. These excursions are often complemented by cooking demonstrations, visits to local markets, and feasts of regional delicacies. 

With Our Compliments

Enjoy a completely immersive—and inclusive!—experience when you travel with Zegrahm. All of the following are included in the cost of your expedition:

  • Complimentary activity options, from kayaking and snorkeling to cultural tours, wine tastings, and traditional performances
  • All gratuities, from porters and ship's crew to tour guides and drivers
  • All accommodations
  • World-class lecture and expedition team
  • All meals on board and with the group ashore, including beer and wine with lunch and dinner
  • All entrance fees, taxes, and landing and port charges
  • Arrival and departure transfers on group dates
  • Gift certificate for recommended expedition gear
  • Comprehensive pre-departure packet to prepare you for your trip
  • Dedicated staff to answer all of your questions and assist with flight arrangements
  • Medical expense coverage and emergency evacuation insurance

Solo Travelers

Traveling on your own? We invite you to join us! Our small group size is perfect for meeting and getting to know other guests throughout your expedition, plus we offer friendly solo fares. For small-ship cruises, we have eliminated the single supplement on select voyages; you may book a stateroom as a solo traveler and pay the double occupancy rate. All other voyages have limited singles available at just 1.25 times the double occupancy rate. We'd also be happy to pair you with a same-sex roommate for any of our cruises or overland adventures.