Armchair Explorations


Introducing our New Armchair Explorations Series

Don’t compromise your pursuit of the extraordinary and unknown just because you’re at home.

Meet your need for genuine exploration and discovery side by side with our global team of Expedition Leaders. Join a fellowship of likeminded adventurers and roll up your sleeves to dig into the world through our new series, Armchair Explorations: interactive events, informative workshops, and inspiring stories brought to you from across the planet.

Right now, we are all encountering a different world than we are used to, but that doesn’t mean anyone needs to do it on their own. In the spirit of human exploration and camaraderie, we will draw the map together as this new adventure unfolds.


A Message From Our Leaders

For 30+ years we have shared extraordinary expeditions and once-in-a-lifetime moments. These unique shared experiences have created a bond that has transformed us from fellow travelers into something so much more. And, while we’re scattered across the world and must pause our adventures for the moment, we can still come together in the spirit of learning, reflection, curiosity and exploration wherever we are. We hope you enjoy this message from our leaders, from their homes around the globe.

We are all looking forward to the day when we can join together again and explore our world.

See You Soon