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Welcome to the Zegrahm Expeditions resources page! Here you will find inspiration for your next adventure and information from your last adventure, produced by our field leaders, Seattle office staff, and contributing writers. From blog posts and field reports (daily recaps of a past expeditions with images) to photo galleries and videos, explore your world from our perspective.

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Snow monkeys
July 28, 2021
Blog Post

Our annual winter wildlife-watching journey through Japan offers fabulous wildlife concentrations, a plethora of incidental cultural experiences, fantastic UNESCO-registered Japanese cuisine, all in the company of our resident Japanologist, naturalist, and author Mark Brazil. 

Four of the stunning iconic species that we encounter during this journey are the Japanese Macaque (aka Snow Monkeys), Red-crowned Crane, Steller’s Eagle, and Whooper Swan. All...

Borneo Sunset
April 26, 2021
Blog Post

Tropical jungle and raging rivers, endangered orangutans playing in the jungle and Irrawaddy dolphins splashing in the water; Borneo is a land of immense beauty home to an incredible diversity of species. Thousands of mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects live here but if you don’t take time to pause and take in your surroundings, you might miss them. Read on for a look at some of Zegrahm Naturalist Rich Pagen’s favorite moments from a trip through this magical land.


February 18, 2021
Blog Post

Gary Wintz

Where are you from and where have you lived? 

I grew up in a small town (pop. 3,000), in rural southeastern Indiana, among the most lovely, rolling, forested hills and fields of corn...

Neko Harbor, Antarctica
January 7, 2021
Blog Post

T.H. Baughman

Where are you from and where have you lived? 

I was born in Ohio, but grew up across the southern states in St. Petersburg, Florida; Ohio, Oklahoma; Maryland, Georgia....

Australia's Kimberley
October 20, 2020
Blog Post

Dear friends and fellow travelers,

It is with a heavy heart that we share with you that our dear friend and field staff member, Chris Done, has passed away. This blog was published not long before his passing and showcases his long legacy with Zegrahm Expeditions and opening up Australia’s Kimberley region to exploration and like-minded adventurers from...

December 10, 2020
Blog Post

It had been a long run up the broad, shallow river, the color of milky tea.  We were packed shoulder to shoulder, sitting on the rounded bulwarks of our Zodiacs, the rigid inflatable boats carrying us from our small expedition cruise ship, the Caledonian Sky, to our day’s adventure. At first, the sight of our six Zodiacs speeding in formation upriver—with brightly colored parrots flying overhead and herons flapping away at our approach—had been a thrilling spectacle.  Now, after an...

Rome, Italy
December 9, 2020
Blog Post

Matthew Whyte

Where are you from and where have you lived?

I am from Cork, in the South of Ireland, where I currently live by the south stream of the River Lee which creates an island of our city...

December 2, 2020
Blog Post

Terence Christian

Where are you from and where have you lived?

I am originally from Maryland on the US East Coast but for most of my adult life I lived in...

Coral Reefs with Sacha Guggenheimer
November 25, 2020
Blog Post

Coral reefs: The bustling underwater cities of vibrant colored structures. Bearing a resemblance to Cinque Terre with as much, if not more, drama and passion of animals fleeting around the streets. It wasn’t so long ago that we were sliding into the turquoise waters that blanket these colorful cities, bobbing around like neoprene blimps observing their day to day lives. The voice of Jack Grove booming across the water’s surface to direct our attention towards Chaetodon...

November 23, 2020
Blog Post

Stephen Fisher

Where are you from and where have you lived? 

Owing to my father’s work with the British armed forces, I moved around a lot as a child. I was born in Singapore and spent most of my...


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