Bordeaux, France

5 Must-Sips in Western Europe

Zegrahm Contributor|September 19, 2017|Blog Post

Sailing aboard the newly refurbished Ocean Adventurer, guests on our upcoming Discoveries of Coastal Europe journey can drink in Western Europe’s dramatic coasts from Lisbon to London. To get the full flavor, they’ll even have the chance to raise a glass or two of the favorite local libations. Here, a toast to the region’s top liquid refreshments:


Port Pairings

Lush vineyards roll across Portugal’s Douro River Valley, the first demarcated wine region in the world. Since 1756, family-owned estates have been producing Port, the area’s famous fortified sweet wine. This revered potation pairs well with cheese and chocolates; sample some in the UNESCO-designated city of Porto.


Galicia by the Glass

Giving Douro a run for its Merlot is the Spanish region of Galicia, where winemaking dates back some 2,000 years. Galicia actually comprises five DOs or Denominaciones de Origen (much like Appellations in France); Rías Baixas runs along the Atlantic coast. Consume some of its crisp, fresh Albariños in the medieval city of La Coruña.


Imbibing in Bordeaux 

Designated the wine capital of France (many say the world), Bordeaux is home to more than 7,250 chateaux and the slick new Cité du Vin wine museum. While guests on our Discoveries of Coastal Europe journey can choose between city sightseeing and a visit to the hilltop town of Saint-Emilion, rest assured that both tours include plenty of uncorkings at local wineries.


A Nip of Cognac

In 1872, Frenchman Jules Normandin built a cellar outside the coastal town of La Rochelle, producing the brandy made famous in the more southernly commune of Cognac. Zegrahm guests will be treated to a tasting at the Normandin-Mercier Cognac House, where a fifth-generation Normandin now serves as master blender.


Chilled Brews on the Channel Islands

Established during the reign of Queen Victoria, Liberation Brewery on Jersey Island has been producing its flagship cask ale nonstop ever since—even under five years of Nazi occupation (see blog post, “Finding Liberation in the Channel Islands”). Its hopped-up brews—which now include an IPA, a blonde beer, and a dark bitter ale—are on tap at numerous pubs and bars around Jersey and Guernsey.


Our 14-day Discoveries of Coastal Europe expedition departs April 28, 2018.




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