7 Reasons to Explore the Galapagos with Zegrahm

Zegrahm Contributor|April 13, 2016|Blog Post

1. The Most Comprehensive Itinerary

Our Ultimate Galápagos itinerary visits 10 unique islands over 10 days with in-depth exploration of both the marine and terrestrial world. Zegrahm makes three different stops alone on San Cristóbal— the first island Charles Darwin visited when he arrived in the area—including calling at Punta Pitt which is the only place in the Galápagos where three species of boobies and two species of frigates can be found nesting in the same area.

2. Exceptional Leaders

Zegrahm cofounder and expedition leader, Jack Grove, designed this expedition based on his experience living in the archipelago for seven years. Jack is a marine biologist and accomplished photographer, and aside from literally writing a book on the region, The Fishes of the Galápagos Islands, Jack has led over 70 trips and offers invaluable insight and in-depth knowledge. Joining Jack is Greg Estes, a Galápagos resident who has over 20 years of experience as a licensed naturalist guide, Darwin expert, and filmmaker.

3. Truly All-Inclusive

Zegrahm stands apart from other companies because we include virtually everything in the cost of your expedition—daily activity options, educational lectures, accommodations, entrance fees, transfers, gratuities, snorkel equipment, meals (including beer and wine with lunch and dinner), and your flight to and from Baltra—so you can focus solely on enjoying Las Islas Encantadas.

4. The Ship

One of the most luxurious vessels operating in the Galápagos, the Isabela II is like your own private yacht. She is equipped with the amenities of a much larger ship—sea kayaks, Zodiacs, glassbottom boat, snorkel gear, wet suits, all ocean-view staterooms, an elegant bar, and more—but caters to just 38 fortunate guests.

5. An Exclusive Experience

Unlike other operators, we offer only one or two departures a year to the archipelago. For over 25 years, this has allowed us to plan our expeditions for optimal weather and wildlife viewing opportunities, and ensures that our leaders are fresh and focused on providing the perfect experience for guests during our annual visits.

6. Travel in Good Company

Join a small group of like-minded, well-traveled, and highly-educated explorers who want to learn about and experience the very best of this must-see destination.

7. Responsible Tourism

Zegrahm is a proud member of IGTOA (International Galápagos Tour Operators Association), a non-profit group of travel companies and conservation groups dedicated to funding projects that combat invasive species and illegal fishing activities within the Galápagos National Park.

For more information on our upcoming expedition, visit our Ultimate Galápagos trip page

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