Milford Sound, New Zealand

7 Reasons New Zealand's Sub-Antarctic Islands Are Calling

Zegrahm Contributor|July 13, 2016|Blog Post

Fewer people have visited the Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand than have been to Antarctica—and you can be one of them! Join us on a journey to the seabird capital of the world and cruise through Milford, Dusky, and Doubtful sounds. Need more? Check out our top 7 reasons on why you should join us: 

Witness Pure Wilderness 

There are few places left on Earth that are so untouched by humans. This is a rare opportunity to see nature its most pristine form, enduring as it has since time immemorial. 

Experience a Wildlife Extravaganza

Imagine yourself on a sandy beach, surrounded by a huge colony of king, gentoo, and royal penguins, while elephant seals lounge nearby, and graceful albatross glide through the air.   

See 30 Species of Endemic Birds

Each of New Zealand's Sub-Antarctic Islands are home to a huge number of birds, many of which are endemic, meaning they are not found anywhere else in the world.

Mingle with Marine Mammals

Many islands are active breeding grounds for New Zealand (Hooker’s) sea lions, New Zealand and Antarctic fur seals, and southern elephant seals. Whales are also found in these waters, which you will search for on numerous Zodiac cruises.

Discover Cool Megaherbs

Birds and mammals aren’t the only endemic species here! Megaherbs are plants that are characterized by their great size, with huge leaves and very large, often unusually colored flowers. They have evolved as an adaptation to the harsh weather conditions on the islands.

Get Fantastic Photos

Photographers will be spoiled for choice here, with in-your-face wildlife and stunning landscapes offering endless inspiration.

Be one of the Privileged Few

As National Nature Reserves, access to these islands is extremely regulated. Less than 1,500 visitor permits are issued each year! 

To learn more, visit Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand.

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