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Book Review: Galapagos of the Antarctic

Zegrahm Contributor|November 13, 2009|Blog Post

This recently published book by Rodney Russ & Aleks Terauds is a comprehensive study of the seven oceanic island groups to the south and east of New Zealand. Each chapter features a different island with descriptions of the flora, fauna, geography, geology, human history, and glorious color photographs. More than just a coffee-table book, the authors leave no stone unturned when it comes to describing the wonders of these unique islands.

The Sub-Antarctic islands are notable for their large numbers of endemic species which, like the Galapagos Islands, have evolved in splendid isolation for millennia. These rocky outposts also provide vital breeding grounds for hundreds of species of seabirds, as well as southern elephant seals and endangered Hooker’s (or New Zealand) sea lions.

Rodney Russ has been traveling to these islands since 1972 and has conducted extensive research, including the re-discovery of the Campbell Island flightless teal. This book was motivated by the authors’ love of these wild and remote places and a strong desire to promote conservation; the resulting book successfully captures the essence of these wild and beautiful places.