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The Camps of Gorillas of the Congo

Zegrahm Contributor|March 29, 2018|Blog Post

We’ve been taking inquisitive travelers to Africa since our inception over 25 years ago. We are always seeking out the most authentic, meaningful experiences that the continent has to offer and are so excited to visit the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the first time in 2019 on our Gorillas of the Congo expedition. This brand-new itinerary delivers awe-inspiring encounters with western lowland gorillas—a truly life-changing experience. Known for its breadth of biodiversity, which includes the largest area of primary rainforest in Africa, the Congo is still a lightly-traveled safari destination and offers an environment that few of even the most experienced Africa travelers have seen. With Zegrahm’s long tradition of exploring “off the beaten path,” we’re delighted to discover this diverse country while staying at some of the Congo’s very best camps:    



Ngaga Camp Boma, Congo

Ngaga Camp, Congo

Location: Located just outside the park boundary of Odzala National Park, this camp is set within primary forest above a stream, and overlooks a beautiful open glade. 

Your space: Each en suite, thatched dome chalet is raised to offer views into the surrounding canopy. Ngaga Camp’s unique design evokes the fun and mystery of childhood treehouses, with wraparound walkways connecting the rooms and common areas. 

Amenities: The dining room, lounge, and bar area are all on raised decks at the crest of the glade looking into and above the primary rainforest. They are constructed from natural, traditionally used materials including locally-woven raffia palm roofing. A fire pit is located below the main area for after dinner relaxation while a separate deck near Ngaga Stream offers a cool retreat in the mid-day heat.

Why we love it: The camp is situated within the overlapping home ranges of several groups of western lowland gorillas—two of which are habituated—giving you incomparable access to these engaging great apes.


Mboko Camp, Forest Elephant, Congo

Mboko Camp, Congo

Location: Camp is ideally set inside Odzala National Park on the banks of a river between tropical rainforest and savanna punctuated by towering termite mounds. The lush, meadow-like grasslands are frequented by herds of forest buffalo and forest elephant, while forest flowers attract a profusion of butterflies (seasonal).

Your space: Guest cabins are constructed of canvas and timer and extend along the banks of a free-flowing tributary of the Lekoli River. Retreat to your private deck with lounge chairs to watch for wildlife and listen to the tranquility of the river babbling below.

Amenities: The spacious open-sided, thatched main area has a dining room, lounge, and bar all overlooking the wide-open grasslands. Additional spaces include a “star deck” and a river deck on the Lekoli River.

Why we love it: Along with wildlife viewing, you also have access to nearby villages, where you can meet and interact with local people. Mboko also provides you with spectacular star-gazing opportunities, before you are lulled to sleep by the sounds of a rushing river.


Lango Camp, Congo

Lango Camp, Congo

Location: In Lango’s prime location within the south central sector of Odzala National Park you are surrounded by pure wilderness with access to a variety of converging habitats—from forest to savanna to wetlands.

Your space: Thatched en suite chalets are raised to the level of the surrounding gallery forest, giving incredible views out onto the marshy forest clearing. From the comfort of your private deck, witness huge flocks of African green pigeons and African grey parrots, as well as herds of forest buffalo by day and forest elephants by night.

Amenities: Nestled in dense gallery forest, the thatched-roof dining room, lounge, and bar area are all on raised decks overlooking the Lango bai, (forest clearing) and are constructed from natural materials. Raised walkways wind through the forest to connect the rooms to the public areas. A star deck and fire pit overlook the bai for after dinner relaxation and exceptional star-gazing.

Why we love it: A highlight is the chance to explore the Lekoli and Mambili Rivers by motorboat, traditional pirogue, or even kayak. Lango is also one of the few places in Africa where you can safely explore streams and marshes on foot—a truly immersive experience!

For more information, visit Gorillas of the Congo.

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