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The Camps of Signature Botswana

Zegrahm Contributor|January 30, 2018|Blog Post

Botswana is one of our favorite safari destinations; in fact, we’ve been offering expeditions in this premier safari destination since 1992! Discover the country’s incredible diversity on Signature Botswana, an expedition that offers a perfect overview with stays in three distinct regions—the Kalahari Desert, the UNESCO-designated Okavango Delta, and the Linyanti Wetlands. You’ll visit remote wilderness areas famous for abundant wildlife while staying at intimate, boutique camps that boast luxurious modern amenities.


Nxai Pan, Nxai Pan National Park, Botswana

Nxai Pan

Location: Nxai Pan is the only permanent camp within the 1,600-square-mile Nxai Pan National Park. Located on the western edge of the fossil pan of the same name, the camp faces east over the open grasslands of the pans and is close to a permanent waterhole, which is frequented elephants and other wildlife.

Your Space: The camp’s nine thatched tents are light and spacious, with a sitting area, small writing desk, and en suite bathroom with inside and outside showers. Your private veranda faces the waterhole where you can watch the wildlife come and go.

Amenities: The minimalistic white-washed design of Nxai Pan blends harmoniously with the surrounding white salt pans. The main areas include an expansive open-air lounge and dining area with a bar, pool, and curio shop. With an eye to sustainability and conservation, Nxai Pan is a 100% solar-operated camp.

Why We Love It: One of the most remote camps in Botswana, here, you are surrounded by pure wilderness. A special highlight is the opportunity to meet members of the San, or Bushman, the original hunter-gatherer inhabitants of this area, who will share the secrets of survival in this harsh environment.


Kwara Camp, Kwara Concession, Botswana

Kwara Camp

Location: Kwara Camp is set under shady African ebony and mangosteen trees, overlooking a secluded lagoon in a private concession in the northern Okavango Delta. Here, you will find all kinds of birdlife and wildlife wandering through camp (especially elephants and comical baboons). Its location allows access to the permanent waterways of the Delta, as well as expansive dry land areas, renowned for high-quality game viewing.

Your Space: This intimate camp offers eight traditional tents on raised decks with attached open-air showers. Furnished with Zimbabwean teak, each tent offers superb views of the lagoon from your private veranda

Amenities: The common areas of the camp also overlook the lagoon, where you can watch wildlife from the comfort of the sofas in the main lounge. There is also a small pool, fire pit, curio shop, well-stocked bar, tea-and-coffee-making facilities, a charging station, and small library.

Why We Love It: Here you have multiple options for exploration—by mokoro, (dugout canoe), by double-decker boat, aboard 4x4 vehicles, during walking safaris, and nighttime spotlighting excursions. Kwara is known for its consistent sightings of predators, including lion, cheetah, and leopard. Large herds of elephants also frequent the area, as well as giraffe, zebra, sitatunga, lechwe, impala, hippos, and occasionally, white rhino.


Lagoon Camp, Kwando River, Botswana

Lagoon Camp

Location: Perched on the banks of the wild Kwando River, Lagoon Camp is nestled beneath towering ebony and marula trees that attract a wide variety of birds and mammals. Herds of elephant often drink at the river bank in full view of the main deck, while playful spotted-necked otters are commonly seen cavorting in the water.

Your Space: Each spacious thatched-roof tent offers a sunken lounge area, an open-plan bedroom, and private deck—all with picturesque views over the river. Each tent has an en suite bathroom with both an indoor and outdoor shower, as well as a claw foot bathtub for an enjoyable afternoon soak.

Amenities: The main areas of the camp include a bar and spacious lounge area, outdoor deck with a swing, dining area, curio shop, orientation center, and a cozy second-level library overlooking the river.

Why We Love It: The Lagoon area is known for big game and large herds of elephant and buffalo, as well as a wild dog pack that regularly dens close to the camp. Another special feature of the camp is that chance to cruise along the river on a unique double-decker boat. Sip a ‘sundowner’ drink while enjoying spectacular views and abundant wildlife.


For more information, visit Signature Botswana.

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