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Celebrating 25 Years in Expedition Travel

Zegrahm Contributor|April 25, 2015|Blog Post

This year, we're celebrating our 25th anniversary in expedition travel! Since 1990, we have been committed to crafting innovative and industry-leading itineraries for curious explorers. To that end, we are pleased to be offering two very special, signature expeditions to celebrate this exciting milestone in our history, hosted by Zegrahm cofounders Mike Messick, Jack Grove, Peter Harrison, and Shirley Metz. 

The Azores & Canary Islands
The dramatic volcanic islands of the Azores feature historic architecture, lush gardens, unique vineyards, marine mammals, beautiful beaches, and colorful markets. Enjoy wine tasting on the island of Madeira and spend a full day exploring Andalusia's capital, Seville. Plus, enjoy an optional excursion to Marrakech, hoome to bustling souks and the medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tahiti to Easter Island: Marquesas, Tuamotus & Pitcairns
Palm-fanned beaches, azure lagoons, exotic cultures—the islands of Polynesia are the definition of paradise. Surround yourself with the awe-inspiring scenery of the exquisite Marquesas Islands' sky-piercing volcanoes and chiseled bays, and Easter Island's moai, or giant volcanic statues. Plus, you'll meet the residents of tiny Pitcairn Island, most of whom are direct descendants of the HMS Bounty crew.

On each of these voyages, you'll participate in special celebrations, receive exclusive commemorative gifts, and be part of a special donation made to a charity in the areas we visit. 

Don't miss the chance to join out founders and explore these remote and inspiring islands as we celebrate 25 years!

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