Coming Together in Cape Town

Zegrahm Contributor|May 13, 2015|Blog Post

Finding time to reconnect as a family can be hard to coordinate, but long-time Zegrahm traveler, Tucker, knew she could count on our Private Travel team to corral her multi-generational group with a five-day adventure in Cape Town, South Africa in advance of joining Zegrahm’s Classic Botswana expedition. What was on the agenda to keep everyone in the family engaged? How about swimming with great white sharks for her adult kids and teenage grandkids, a cable car ride up to the top of Table Mountain, and a helicopter tour that gave a great geological perspective of the region (and was a great surprise from our Private Travel team!). It’s safe to say the family not only reconnected, but also had the time of their lives, “Thanks for all you did to make this trip incredible. Our family will share these memories forever!”

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