Havana, Cuba

Cuba: "Now is the Perfect Time to Visit!"

Rich Pagen|June 15, 2016|Blog Post

Rich Pagen is a biologist who has worked on surveys for nearly everything; from mammalian carnivores in the mountains of California, to bird migration monitoring in Canada, and even a study of army-ant-following birds in the Peruvian Amazon. Rich loves the sea, and has also conducted shipboard surveys for marine mammals and seabirds, as well as tagging studies of sea turtles and pelagic sharks.

In March 2016, Barack Obama visited Cuba, the first sitting US president to do so since Calvin Coolidge in 1928. Less than a week later, the Rolling Stones performed in Cuba for the first time in their 54-year history; until this year, the Cuban government had never given them permission to do so. Things are evolving in Cuba, and the long-standing stagnant relationship between Cuba and its neighbor to the north, the United States, is evolving as well. It is a very exciting time in history for Cuba, which makes it the absolute perfect time to visit!

To celebrate this fact, in late March 2017, Zegrahm Expeditions will embark on a unique adventure, circumnavigating the majority of this diverse island nation by ship, on the luxurious and stunningly beautiful sailing yacht, Le Ponant

We will take advantage of both the comfort and the logistical simplicity that traveling by small ship affords, to explore both the north coast, with its beautiful beaches and snorkeling and diving opportunities, and the remote eastern towns and cities, including Gibara with its unique culinary offerings, and Santiago de Cuba, where a young Fidel Castro led an armed assault on the Moncada Garrison in 1953, the first action of the Cuban Revolution.  

An added bonus of this expedition is that the ship will be quietly alongside the dock for the night both in Trinidad, with its picture-perfect Spanish colonial architecture, and in Santiago de Cuba, with its ample opportunities for music and dance in the evening. In addition, we will have four overnights in the capital city of Havana, off the ship, to feast our taste buds on daiquiris (first concocted in Cuba during the Spanish-American War in 1898), our ears on live traditional music, and to soak up Havana’s historic architecture and vibrant street scene both during the day and in the evening. 

Join us for what will certainly prove to be a fascinating journey exploring the history, culture, and nature of Cuba.


For more information on our upcoming trips to Cuba, visit our Cuba Destination Page. 

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