Havana, Cuba

Cuba by Ship: THE Way to Travel Now

Zegrahm Contributor|July 6, 2017|Blog Post

Let Us Be Your Guide to Exploring Cuba


We know there’s a lot of uncertainty regarding travel to Cuba right now; but we’re happy to report that our expeditions to the island country—including Canal to Cuba and Circumnavigation of Cuba—will be going as planned! In fact, traveling with Zegrahm is THE way to visit Cuba; here’s why:

  • Recent policy changes essentially reverted back to the stricter rules that applied a year ago when individual Americans couldn’t travel on their own—they must be on a licensed “People-to-People” group tour—and they must maintain a full schedule of activities that engage with and civilly support the Cuban people. Zegrahm’s itineraries were crafted based on these regulations and remained the same even while the rules loosened.
  • New hotel restrictions have made it harder to travel on overland tours, which is why a comfortable 100-guest ship is the perfect way to see and experience Cuba.
  • When you travel with Zegrahm, every last detail is looked after—whether it’s including virtually everything in the cost of the trip or closely monitoring world events and affairs—so that you can travel with ease and peace of mind.


Leave the planning to the experts and let us take you through the unique and historic country of Cuba; contact us to reserve your space, today!

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