Uganda Gorilla Trekking

A Custom-Designed Experience in Cameroon and Congo

Zegrahm Contributor|May 13, 2015|Blog Post

We recently developed a three-week custom itinerary of extraordinary proportions throughout Cameroon and Congo for an adventurous solo traveler. Beginning with 15 stops in northern and southern Cameroon, the first portion of the itinerary focused solely on the culture of the country, including the artwork, architecture, agricultural techniques, and the role of royalty, community, family, and colonialism in society. This traveler concluded her time in central-western Africa with gorilla trekking in northwestern Congo—an emerging destination for travelers seeking up-close encounters with western lowland gorillas in their natural habitat. Staying at both Ngaga and Lango Camps, she observed gorillas and other local wildlife during treks with local guides, game drives, and night walks.

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