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Dine Around Program Inspired By Travcoa

April 27, 2018|Blog Post

In 2017, our sister company, Travcoa, moved their headquarters from Los Angeles to the Zegrahm office in Seattle. We are thrilled to collaborate with them on an outstanding lineup of expeditions that offer luxurious accommodations and immersive cultural experiences in some of the world’s most exotic locations.

Many years ago, Travcoa created the most generous and flexible travel dining plan imaginable: dine wherever you wish, and we’ll pick up the bill! Zegrahm keeps this tradition alive on our Cultural Journey’s Inspired by Travcoa.

Q. What does the “Dine-Around Program” really mean?

A. The plan is quite simple, with no limits on where you dine or the price of a meal. Enjoy any restaurant, inside or outside of the hotel and, with the exception of caviar and alcohol, it’s all included in the upfront tour price; even the service charges and gratuities. Independent meals can add a lot to your experience, and you can enjoy the flexibility of dining anywhere you choose, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing the cost of your adventure before you even depart. Whether you make advance reservations for fine dining at a renowned, Michelin-starred restaurant or discover a small, family-run place for yourself, we believe it’s all about thoroughly enjoying the moment—without having to worry about unexpected costs.

Q. Is there a limit to what I can spend?

A.There is no limit on the cost of a Dine-Around meal. We encourage our guests to experience meals that they will remember forever and we celebrate when they do. The only items not reimbursed are alcohol and caviar. 

Q. If I can dine in any restaurant in town, how is it covered by Zegrahm?

A. The simple, time-proven process asks that you pay for your meal and bring the itemized receipt to your Travel Director. The Travel Director then makes a copy of that receipt and returns the original to you. The paperwork is then submitted to the Zegrahm office by the Travel Director and a check for the cost of your meal (less only any alcohol and caviar) is sent to your home soon after your return. There is absolutely no complex paperwork or forms to fill out.

Q. What if I choose to dine at the hotel restaurants or if I prefer room service?

A. Cultural Journeys Inspired by Travcoa use some of the world’s finest hotels, many of which have a variety of excellent restaurants. If you choose to dine within the hotel, simply sign the check and everything (less alcohol and caviar) is billed to the master account at the hotel—nothing more needs to be done. Your accommodations at top hotels offer beautiful rooms, many of which have views, private terraces, or balconies. So, it's not surprising that many guests find that hotel room service makes for a very special, private breakfast or dinner while overlooking Hong Kong Harbor, the Great Pyramids at Giza, or the turquoise waters of the Adriatic. 

Q. Can my Travel Director make restaurant recommendations and help me make reservations?

A. You may choose to make arrangements at special, well-known restaurants before leaving home, or your Travel Director can make recommendations during the tour. Of course, an excellent local source for information and reservation assistance is the concierge at your hotel. Our experience is that unless reservations are required by a restaurant well in advance, it is best to wait and make arrangements while on tour; you’re likely to discover a special place that’s particularly appealing or wish to dine with newfound friends. 

Q. Is the Dine-Around Program available on every Escorted and Cultural Journey?

A. Guests can Dine-Around on any of our Escorted Journeys (2018) and Cultural Journeys inspired by Travcoa (2019) throughout the world. If you wish to make advance arrangements, it’s recommended to consult the final day-to-day itinerary and contact your Expedition Advisor in order to coordinate your dining plans with sightseeing and other events that may already be planned for your journey. In some cases, a special dinner event may have been organized for the group that you won’t want to miss. Obviously, Dine-Around is more feasible on some journeys than on others—for instance, dining options are more plentiful in Europe and parts of Asia, and there may not be many options in remote locations.