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Zegrahm Contributor|March 24, 2016|Blog Post

Zegrahm guests often ask how they can travel light without leaving something important behind. We reached out to our field staff to see what must-have items they can't live without on an expedition. Here are their pro tips.

Tese Wintz-Neighbor, Expedition Leader
I can’t live without my special journal. I actually learned this from a client—before I leave on a trip, I buy a nice sturdy journal and glue each day's itinerary on the left-hand page, leaving plenty of space to add specific details (views from the windows, unexpected events, new foods and drinks, etc.). I leave room to glue little items such as postcards, ticket stubs, and menus. I also include copies of important documents like passport pages and flight tickets, so everything is in one place and always by my side.

Allan Langdale, Art Historian
My clothes pins and a 12-foot clothesline. They cost around $4, and have saved me thousands on laundry expenses!

Pepper Trail, Forensic Ornithologist
I absolutely must have my pair of binoculars. The first thing I do upon waking up in a foreign city is to hang them around my neck, throw open the curtains, and look for birds (well, okay, I throw on a robe first!). Perhaps I'll see black kites soaring above the clangorous streets of Mumbai, or common swifts streaking past the minarets of Istanbul, or dolphin gulls flapping toward the harbor in Ushuaia. Paradoxically, these creatures of the air ground me, cut through the fog of travel, and tell me where I am.

Kelsey Simmons, Cruise Director
When I fly, I always bring my BOSE headset and a huge scarf that doubles as a blanket.

Susan Langley, Marine Archaeologist
Previously, I would have said my international electrical conversion plugs, but now I have to say my smartphone. Being able to check email or look up information for a guest while on the road, walking though medieval towns and being able to pinpoint where one needs to be, currency, and even language conversion apps—it has become invaluable!

Lynne Greig, Cruise Director
My memory stick—I call it my lipstick! I use it for work, but travelers find it just as useful for downloading all their photos so they can edit them after they return home.

Lawrence Weitz, Safari Guide
My wrist watch and Keen sandals are vital.

Rich Pagen, Biologist
Historian T.H. Baughman gave me this helpful tip for ship trips—ship cabins often don't have enough storage, in particular space to hang things that get wet. He gave me a set of heavy duty suction cup hooks that have proved indispensable ever since!

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