Elephant Extravaganza on Zambia 2010, Part II

Lex Hes|November 15, 2010|Blog Post

Excerpt from the Welcome Home Letter written by Expedition Leader Lex Hes from our second 2010 Zambia departure.

From Kalamu, on to the mighty Zambezi River, the fourth largest in Africa. It was great to get onto the boats and skim across the water with the cool wind blowing in our faces after the heat and dust of Kalamu and then to be welcomed at camp by those two huge bull elephants standing there with the shady camp in the background.

Our first afternoon also heralded the first thunderstorms of the season and what a sight they were! Even though they cut our afternoon cruise short, it was exciting sitting in camp doing a little “light drinking” and watching the lightning bolts strike across the sky. Truly spectacular!

This was THE place for elephants. Elephants wading through the river, elephants feeding right in camp, elephants and babies bathing and drinking, elephants feeding on the winterthorn pods, bull elephants challenging one another, a few elephant chases. The scenery here is also so beautiful, with the winterthorn forest providing a backdrop for the animals.

The highlight of the entire safari was probably here, when we had the entire pride of lions roaring around our vehicle on the night drive. What a sound, what a sight! It is fairly common to see and hear male lions roaring, but to get the entire pride roaring is fairly rare.

All in all we saw a total of 40 species of mammals, with the greatest diversity being seen at Kalamu (27 species). We saw a total of 215 bird species with the most species (128) being seen at Kafue.

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