Inspiration in the Galapagos

The Galapagos: A Living Laboratory of Evolution

Jack Grove|August 6, 2012|Blog Post

The Galápagos Islands have been referred to by Herman Melville as ‘enchanted,’ and by Charles Darwin as ‘a living laboratory of evolution.’ I was privileged to live there for seven years and carried out marine research in the archipelago for more than three decades. While I concur with both of these famous visitors, I would like to add that not only is a visit to this fabled island group an adventure, it is also a life-changing experience.

In June 2012, 10-year-old Ben (pictured above!) was among the guests aboard the Isabela II. Seeing the world with fresh eyes, his learning experience enhanced my own, and I am certain the other adventurers were affected, as well.

Upon our arrival in Baltra, we had a few moments to visit the airport shops and I knew immediately this was going to be a great trip. Ben was looking around and became taken with a stuffed shark—I knew he was about to experience the real deal and couldn’t wait to get started.  

Getting to know Ben and having the opportunity to share such an amazing place with this young boy was almost as heart-warming as my return to the islands.

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